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1. Weird bar chart display in env. Help needed!

My bar chart has been displayed perfectly for a long time. Sunddenly it start to display like this in one of production env. (Linux system) // In all other dev linux envs, it looks fine. // Anybody can tell me what's wrong in the system? Please add http in front of the link. Thanks a lot.[/img]

2. Bar chart linux env display issue

My bar chart has been displayed perfectly for a long time. After production environment maintenance work, its category label do not align to right anymore, it aligned to left. The data area shifted to the left and overlapped with the left category label (Linux system). It's hard to troubleshoot since this only happens in production. The bar chart displays perfectly in ...

3. Bad bar chart display after server restarts for 3 hours

Thanks Kalle and David. Unfortunately we have to use jrocket, since it is our company standard. We use jrockit81sp6_142_10 before and it was running fine with JFreeChart 1.0.9 for a year. A few months ago, we changed to jrockit 5.0-R27.6 (64bit), not sure if that is the cause. The weird thing is this happened 6 months after we upgrade jrocket to ...

4. BarChart AxisLocation issue

I have an issue that BarChart that Bar is not shown exact at the AxisLocation code is here JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createBarChart(parameters[2], "Code/Branch", "Bussiness", dataset, PlotOrientation.HORIZONTAL, true, true, false); chart.setBackgroundPaint(Color.getColor(null, ChartColor.decode("#BCD2EF"))); CategoryPlot plot = (CategoryPlot) chart.getPlot(); plot.setBackgroundPaint(Color.white); plot.setRangeGridlinePaint(Color.white); plot.setRangeAxisLocation(AxisLocation.BOTTOM_OR_RIGHT); BarRenderer renderer = (BarRenderer) plot.getRenderer(); renderer.setBaseItemLabelsVisible(true); renderer.setBaseItemLabelGenerator(new StandardCategoryItemLabelGenerator()); CategoryAxis categoryAxis = plot.getDomainAxis(); categoryAxis.setCategoryMargin(0.03); categoryAxis.setUpperMargin(0.03); categoryAxis.setLowerMargin(0.03);[/img]

5. BarChart changed from 1.0.9 to 1.0.12

Hi I've recently upgraded from 1.0.9 to 1.0.12 and the Bar Chart look have changed automatically to something of a little 3D effect (white line)... Unfortunately, it is not to the taste of my customers... What would be the easiest way (not downgrading) to revert to the old colour scheme? Thanks a lot Benoit

6. Customizing Bar chart

Customizing Bar chart by abhay.asingh Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:07 am Hello, I want to Customize my bar chart, color or Bar, color of its outline, stroke of out line and text labels on top of bar. I can set Color of each bar, but other thigs are not working, can any please tell me what and where is wrong. ...

7. How not display the coordinates of Bar Chart

Hello, I would like to know how I can not display the coordinates like "Column 1" when I try to display a bar chart. For example if I write dataset.addValue (1.0, "Row 1", "Column 1"), i want not to display the value of "Column 1". I have so coordiante that i want to display only 25% of column. thank you in ...

8. Barchart with LogAxis

Hey guys! I have a implementation of a LineAndShape chart with the RangeAxis as a LogAxis and it renders the chart very well. When I change the chartfactory to create a Barchart it renders the Range axis begining with zero, and plots some zeros until plot 10000. The implementation is the very same. I'm using the version 1.0.9. Anyone can help-me? ...

9. Round Bar Chart

Copy the BarRenderer class, and modify the drawItem() method. I presume by "round" bars, you mean rectangles with rounded corners? I experimented with this once, but never got the renderer finished - the main complication I ran into was making the bases of the bars square (not so hard, but a little messy especially for stacked bar charts with null or ...

10. Customizing Barchart like OFC

11. Repainting Bar Chart Automatically

Repainting Bar Chart Automatically by splttingatms Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:48 am Hello everyone, I am having trouble trying to get a bar chart to regraph after an edit of a gradebook object. I read that updating the dataset would automatically update the chart but I'm not sure how to do so. I saw a tutorial, "JFreeChart: Multiple Dataset Demo ...

12. Bar Chart Question

I am creating a bar chart using chart.createBufferedImage method. For large no. of items, chart looks good but when there is single item, its just 1 huge bar that takes up entire chart area. Why is this happening? This happens irrespective of what dimensions I provide for the chart. Is there any way we can adjust the bar width? Thanks.

13. How to Apply Pattern to Bar Chart

Hey Friends, I'm attempting to apply patterns(slanted lines or stripes) to the data in my bar charts. Currently I've applied custom colors to the bars but I need to apply two other unique features in addition to that. I was thinking Patterns and Stroke. One idea I had was to overlay an image on top of each bar. The image would ...

15. sliding bar chart

SlidingCategoryDataset dataset = new SlidingCategoryDataset (categoryDataset1,0,10); JFreeChart chart1 = ChartFactory.createBarChart("", "Marks","Frequency", dataset, PlotOrientation.VERTICAL, true, true, true); ...

16. Bar Chart With Round Corner Edges

RoundRectangle2D bar = null; if (orientation == PlotOrientation.HORIZONTAL) { bar = new java.awt.geom.RoundRectangle2D.Double(barL0 - barL0Adj,barW0, barLength + barLengthAdj, state.getBarWidth(),10,10); } else { ...

17. TimeSeriesCollection BarChart

Dear Experts, I have short question related to viewtopic.php?f=10&t=23991 listed topic. When you add second series which values are lower than first series, it hides lower values series by XYBarRenderer, therefore it cannot be seen on the chart. For example: TimeSeries s2 = new TimeSeries("Series 2", Month.class); s2.add(new Month(1, 2001), 112); s2.add(new Month(2, 2001), 11); s2.add(new Month(3, 2001), 17); s2.add(new Month(4, ...

18. Bar-chart showing Time-Values on y-axis

Hello everybody, I was successfully using JFreeChart the last couple of weeks but now, I was coming across a problem where I havent found any answer (neither google nor forums...) I'm calculating times for different machine conditions (Started, Stopped, Producing...) and I'd like to show them in a bar-chart. My problem is to display Time-values (java.sql.time), so that the time-value is ...

19. bar chart question & problem

Hi all! Question: is there a way to generate a jpg without the size of the image? For now i'm generating with ChartUtilities where i must add the size of the image... Problem: I am generating an image from charts with ChartUtilities, where the image's height is dynamic according to rows number (row_number*45), but when there is much content in the ...

20. mirror bar chart

21. Is it possible to draw a discontinuous bar chart?

Hi, Is it possible to draw a discontinuous bar chart? Like from 0 - 100 there will be a bar chart and from 100 to 200 there should be an empty space. Again 200 to 300 there should be a bar. I tried given the value as null instead of some value but didn't work out. new Double[][] { {100.0, 100.0, ...

22. How to link one Barchart to another Chart

Hello, I need to link from one column i.e. a bar in a bar chat to another, completely different bar chart graph. The idea here is to drill down from one level view i.e. say a weekly view of performance measures, to a daily view of performance measures. I want to click on one bar which will invoke another JSP page ...

23. BIG BarChart -- Scrollbars

24. Change the cursor for bar chart

25. ItemLabels in BarChart Without using ChartFactory

When I try to use ItemLabels in a multi-dataset, horizontal BarChart, the labels always show up immediately above the bars. I want to use multiple datasets so I'm creating the Plot and Chart manually like so: Code: Select all private JFreeChart createChart() { CategoryPlot plot = new CategoryPlot(); ...

27. Bar Chart Properties

Bar Chart Properties by jFreeChartUser25 Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:14 pm Hello I am attempting to generate a BarGraph that looks like the following using JFreeChart: [img]targetBarChart.png[/img] However, the best that I have been able to do is the following: [img]currentBarChart.png[/img] Is there a graphical way to get the chart looking the way you want and then export that into ...

28. bar chart rendering

Hi, I want to create a bar chart using timeseries dataset. But in the output, I am getting bars of different colors: some bars are white in color, while the others are red in color. What could be the reason for it? The following is my code: final TimeSeries series = new TimeSeries("Test Data"); String query = "SELECT * FROM report"; ...

29. BarChart questions

Hi, About the first question: I exactly have the same problem. Even using a JScrollPane. Scrollbars appears but the minimum size of the chart have too small bars. About the 2nd question: the jfreechart-demo shows many examples with values over bars or inside, with rotation etc... try to look into, I do not remember which one to look into. Fred.  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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