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2. BarChart Domain Margins (The PDF did not help with this)

Hello, I'm having a problem with my barchart. I have an unknown amount of possible categories, but the number is relatively small (3) right now. Bars are inserted greatest to smallest when added as seen in the pic. When I display some of the Category labels align horizontally with the bars and some do not. Specifically when I have entries of ...

3. Bar Chart - Setting the width and margin

Bar Chart - Setting the width and margin by wesleyhales Mon Jan 22, 2007 10:25 pm I have a bar chart with a few minor tweaks left to do: ***I tried to add an image here, but the board said I wasn't allowed to post a URL*** the image is located at: www(dot)jroller(dot)com(slash)resources(slash)w(slash)wesleyhales(slash)barChart.jpg 1. How do I set the width ...

4. Bar chart - top margin

Hi, I'm currently generating a simple bar chart as follows: www .zbit .pt/jfreechart/jfc.jpg (Please remove spaces between www and .zbit and .pt, I can't post urls per board rules) As you can see, the item label for the highest bar is not visible. Where is the right place to change that? subclass the default renderer and manipulate the item label position ...

7. Barchart margin

8. Margin between bar

Hi all i want to reduce the space between bar when i have a chart with few values. I try ((BarRenderer)plot.getRenderer()).setItemMargin(0.01); and domainAxis.setCategoryMargin(0.0); alone and together and doesn't works. I found in the forum a thread that mentioned a custom renderer whit a example but the link is bad. Have someone the example or another solution? Thanks!!!!!1