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2. Getting Clustered Effect on Bar Charts with Multiple Axes

Hi! Just wondering if it's possible to get the clustered effect. (ie different series will have the bars side by side for a single datapoint.) Maybe I am doing something wrong but for each additional dataset after the first one I add an axis and that axis appears fine. However the bars appear on top of each other and not the ...

3. Multiple axis with bar graph question.Please help

Hi , I am displaying bar graps with two bars i.e. there are two bars first and second for each month. I have added y axis and want to correspond second bar graph to the modified y axis but by deault it corresponds to the first Y - axisi.e.both the graps corresponds to the first Y - axis . Because there ...

4. Bar chart+multiple axis

5. Multiple Colors in Bar

Hello, Is it possible to assign a single Bar in a Bar Chart multiple colors? I would like to be able to assign specific colors to a range of values such that, for example, the bar would be green from 0-500 units, yellow from 501-1000 units, and red from 1001-1500 units. So, if the bar is to display a value of ...

6. Multiple (4) axis and series bar charts

Multiple (4) axis and series bar charts A free public discussion forum for the JFreeChart class library. Post a reply 1 post Page 1 of 1 Multiple (4) axis and series bar charts by kab Mon Oct 09, 2006 2:24 am Hi, First, I'm running 0.9.21, so if the problem described below is fixed, just let me know. I'm ...

7. Can we generate Multiple BarChart

Hi, there is a method for generating the multiple PieChart ChartFactory.createMultiplePieChart3D( "Multiple Pie Chart", // chart title dataset, // dataset TableOrder.BY_ROW, true, // include legend true, true ); There is no method for generating Multiple BarChart in the ChartFactory class. Is there any way to generate Multiple BarChart? thanks for any help!

8. Multiple Labels on top of bar in bar chart

Hi I have bar chart with two axis, one shows actual and other in pervcentage, I need to show value of each bar (in actual and in percentage both) on top of each bar like 1234.12 (12.12%) and also on basis of some value need to change color of %tgae lable, if +ive then green if -ive the red. right now ...

9. multiple series of bar chart

hi, I have the data chapters and percentage value.In my x axis have contains chapters name.The chapters contains multiple process is differ from chapters to chapters.i am using the process in series y axis contais the percentage of completion of each process of chapters.For example, 1.x axis value is c1,c2,c3,... 2.y axis value is 10%....100% 3.series name is differ from ...

10. Multiple series bar chart issue

11. Multiple labels on bar chart

If it is ok to show these two values side by side, then you could use a custom CategoryItemLabelGenerator. if these two values need to be placed on top of each other, then you will have to do more work. Something like this should work: 1. Create a label string which contains line break characters at the desired positions. 2. Create ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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