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3. Creating Bar With different color lines through out

Hello! Can anyone help me with the following? I would like to make a bar that goes from zero to 100% Put two different color lines between 0 and 100% then fill the bar from zero to the top line with a color. Is this possible? I purchased the documentation and still didn't feel it lead me in the right direction. ...

4. Denoting Lines vs Bars in the Ledgend

I have been told that apparently, it's too difficult to determine what's what based on color alone. I don't see how, but that's just me. I have a combined graph with 4 bars, and 4 lines, all different colors, as you would imagine. I have been asked to somehow denote in the ledgend which color corresponds to a line, and which ...

5. Possible to set more than colour on bars and lines?

Hi, Today, I'm using colors to accentuate my bars and lines in a graph, e.g: renderer.setSeriesPaint(0,; renderer.setSeriesPaint(1,; renderer.setSeriesPaint(2, Color.yellow); If printed in grayscale, some colors become to similiar and makes it hard to read the graph. My question is whether it is possible to add further properties, like dotted or lined bars, or not?

9. Bar chart overwrite line

10. Display trend line in the third series BAR

Hi, I want to display a trend line in the Bar chart ... Chart displays 3 bars 1. Revenue 2. Cost 3. Margin & I want a trend line to display, in conjunction with 3rd bar, i.e. Margin Bar ... But it is displaying in conjunction with 2nd bar, i.e. Cost Bar .. I am using 1 dataset to dispaly bars ...

11. Drawing a bar chart with lines?

Hi all, I'm currently trying to determine whether JFreeChart is suitable for use with a project I'm working on. I need to produce charts that are, in effect, bar charts, but the bars have a width of 1 - just lines. I've read that it's not possible to manually change the width of the bar chart bars with JFreeChart. Does anyone ...

12. Bar charts: labels that are longer than one line

I have two questions concerning bar charts: 1. I have a bar chart with a label that is 2 lines long. I could make the first line left aligned with: CategoryLabelPositions p = domainAxis.getCategoryLabelPositions(); CategoryLabelPosition left = new CategoryLabelPosition( RectangleAnchor.LEFT, TextBlockAnchor.CENTER_LEFT, TextAnchor.TOP_LEFT,0.0, CategoryLabelWidthType.RANGE,0.30f); but the second line is still justified. How can I make it also left aligned? 2. I overwrote ...

14. multi-axis bar + line problem w/ ireport

I have a multi-axis report where there is a 3D bar chart and a line graph. Originally I had the bar chart on the first axis and the line graph on the second. It worked and looked good except that the bars would paint themselves over top of the lines and you couldn't see the line plots if they were less ...

16. Overlay line & bar charts - code needed.

Hi David, I am new to JFree charts. In one of your replies, I found you saying "You can overlay bars and lines by using 2 datasets and 2 renderers in the plot." How to do this? I need to overlay a line chart over a bar chart. I treid with 2 CategoryPlots, one BarRenderer and one LineRenderer adding category plots ...

17. Creating a Bar - Line combo Chart

18. Lines in BarChart

20. new line character problem in bar chart

Hi All when i create dataset for bar chart like String title = "room"; barDataset.addValue(26, " ", title+"="+26+""); My label displays like room=26 now i want it to display like room 26 i try using \r\n inplace of = but cant able to display like this. will \r\n work in this example.

22. Split a axis label on different lines in a barchart

Hi, in a barchart I have an axis label very long (~50c.) which is taking too much space. As I have to keep an horizontal orientation, I would like to know if it is possible to split it on different lines ? I tried to modify it by inserting carriage returns but apparently JFreeChart is ignoring them. Has anyone a solution ...

23. average line in stack bar chart

Hi All, This is my first message in this forum.I am using jfreechart 1.0.0.jar.I have drawn a stack bar chart( say for every month consumption of 3 products is listed). Now I want an average line in that graph also which I will calculate and give the value. Can it be possible.Please let me know.

24. Bars displayed between lines

25. TimeSerieschart with bars AND lines - possible?

Hello, I want to create a chart of timeSeries data. Some data series should be displayed as bars (more the one series!) and some of them as lines. I tried set each series in a TimeSeriesCollection and also to packed the bar data series in one TimeSeriesCollection, but all results I got so far was only 1 data serie is displayed ...

26. how to add a treshold line to a bar chart?

IntervalMarker intervalmarker = new IntervalMarker(standardValue - 1, standardValue + 1); intervalmarker.setLabel(standardValueTitle); intervalmarker.setLabelFont(new Font("arial", 2, 11)); ...

27. Values in front of bar of line?

29. trend line on barchart

30. line to connect bar