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1. width of the bar in Jfreechart    stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to adjust the width of the bars in a Barchart.I create my chart with the following code.

final JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createBarChart("Report", // chart title

2. Set BarCharts Minimum Bar Width    jfree.org

4. Bar width in 3DBarChart    jfree.org

I got the sollution. I set the ItemMargin of BarRenderer. e.g. barRenderer = (BarRenderer3D) Plot.getRenderer(); barRenderer.setItemMargin(0.03); But here also u can increase the width by some percentage (0.10 means 10%) only as the percentage is of the space given to the chart. So after some extent it wont take the effect as then it wont be possible to accomodate the whole ...

5. how to restrict the width of bar in bar chart    jfree.org

Bar chart automatically sets bar width depending upon the range of data on category axis but using following function u can adjust the width. CategoryAxis categoryAxis = new CategoryAxis(""); //x axis 1. categoryAxis.setLowerMargin(0.03D); This will set the starting point of bar in graph 2. categoryAxis.setUpperMargin(0.8D); This will leave 80% of space of total available from right edge of graph. so depending ...

9. Barchart Bar Width changes when smaller than prefered width    jfree.org

I want to keep the size of the bars static, and have my scroll panel resize to view the chart. I have code that has a scroll pane with a chartpanel in it. At the preferred size the "Scroll pane" begins to resize. Making the "Scroll pane" is smaller than the chart, the chart remains the same size. When a new ...

10. bar and large width of chart    jfree.org

11. help width bar    jfree.org

13. How can I set the bar's width when I ues the XYBarRenderer?    jfree.org

How can I set the bar's width when I ues the XYBarRenderer? I ues the IntervalXYDataset and ChartFactory.createHistogram() method to create a bar chart. After I finished my job, I found when plot had a bar, its width will be very very large , I try to control its width, but I failed, so ,I ask people in here help me ...

17. Chart bar width    jfree.org

19. change the width of the bar in barchart rendered as a .png    jfree.org

hi all I am new to jfree charts . I am using a simple barchart for displaying the values . but iam not able to change the width of the bar . I am using setMaxBarWidth method but it is not causing any change .. can anybody please help me in this regard

20. Bar width of a layered bar renderer    jfree.org

Hi, I'm trying to control the bar width created by the LayeredBarRender so that they would all have the same width. I tried reading through the source but got lost in the midst of it Is there a specific equation that is used to calculate the bar width? I've tried (among other things) : renderer.setSeriesBarWidth(2, 1.0); renderer.setSeriesBarWidth(1, 1.0); renderer.setSeriesBarWidth(0, 1.0); but ...

21. Set BarCharts Minimum Bar Width    jfree.org

Hi, Im trying to create a Bar Chart, but it has a lot of columns, so the in the rendered chart the columns get very small. I was wondering if there is a way to set the minimum width for a bar, or if I could set a larger width for the plot and the put a scroll on my window. ...

22. Set width of bars    jfree.org

23. Width of Bars    jfree.org

24. How do I control the width of the bars in a bar chart?    jfree.org

How do I control the width of the bars in a bar chart? by tedbyers Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:49 pm I "successfully" created a bar chart, based on three time series. However, the time series span a period of 8 years, and the series in question include one observation each per quarter. The bars produced appear as paper thin ...

25. How to create dashboard with fixed width bar charts?    jfree.org

Hello, After we presented a prototype in Excel to our customer, we would like to create a JFreeChart version of a dashboard like this airline dashboard, especially the top 10 graphics (very simple bar charts): img=www.bonavistasystems.com/Download2/Airline%20Dashboard2.png Other great examples can be found at the url=www.bonavistasystems.com/OnlineDemoReports.html BonaVista site. However, we cannot seem to control the bar height of different charts. Is there ...

27. Issue in Setting width in bar Chart    jfree.org

public class GanttBarRenderer extends GanttRenderer { public GanttBarRenderer() { super(); } protected void calculateBarWidth(CategoryPlot plot, Rectangle2D dataArea, int rendererIndex, CategoryItemRendererState state) { state.setBarWidth(

28. How to create Barchart with colored bars and defined width?    jfree.org

Hello, I'm new to Jfree and want to create a Bar Chart with red (negative values) and blue (positive values) bars and define the minimal width of the bars. Which dataset and renderers I have to use for this? At the moment I'm using the HistogramDataset where I can color the data series (with XYPlot -> XYItemRenderer -> setSeriesPaint()) but I ...

29. how to set the width of the bar    jfree.org

Hi all, i have a small query regarding setting the bar width . i tried to set the width of the bar by using setbarwidth ()and setmaxbarwidth() but when i am expanding the window the size of the bars increases w.r.t to window size (its automatically adjusting the chart w.r.t to window size) . i need to fix the size of ...

30. How to control width of bar    jfree.org

31. How to set width of bar for WaterfallBarRenderer    jfree.org

I want to increase the size of 1 of the bar in comparision to other bar .My code is as below: import java.awt.BasicStroke; import java.awt.Color; import java.awt.GradientPaint; import java.io.File; import java.text.DecimalFormat; import javax.servlet.http.HttpSession; import org.jfree.chart.ChartFactory; import org.jfree.chart.ChartFrame; import org.jfree.chart.ChartRenderingInfo; import org.jfree.chart.ChartUtilities; import org.jfree.chart.JFreeChart; import org.jfree.chart.axis.AxisLocation; import org.jfree.chart.axis.CategoryAxis; import org.jfree.chart.axis.CategoryLabelPositions; import org.jfree.chart.axis.NumberAxis; import org.jfree.chart.axis.NumberTickUnit; import org.jfree.chart.axis.TickUnits; import org.jfree.chart.entity.StandardEntityCollection; import org.jfree.chart.labels.StandardCategoryItemLabelGenerator; import org.jfree.chart.labels.StandardCategoryToolTipGenerator; ...

32. BarChart maximum bar width    jfree.org

Code: Select all /** The maximum width of the bar (in pixels) */ private double maximumBarWidth; /** * Returns the maximum width of the bar (in pixels). * * @return the maximumBarWidth the width value in pixels ...

34. FIXED: BarChart - Bars only have 1px width    jfree.org

FIXED: BarChart - Bars only have 1px width by Manakin Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:18 pm hi everyone, i'm taking my first steps in JFreeChart and got a working Chart in my app everything looks fine but my bars have a thickness of 1px here my source: Code: Select all CategoryAxis yAxis = new CategoryAxis(); ...

35. Customize Bar Width in GroupStackedBar Chart    jfree.org

Re: Customize Bar Width in GroupStackedBar Chart by yashdeep Wed May 06, 2009 7:37 am Hi! Thanks for your reply, here m giving u the class (its an example i got from jfree only, then changed it according to my requirement) , u can reproduce the things only by comment and uncommnet this line in code "renderer.setMaximumBarWidth(0.02);". Code: Select all ...

36. Can I set a absolute value to the width of a bar in a chart    jfree.org

Hi everybody, I'm generating a lot of charts with different datasets, the bar in charts haves bars with different widths because the X axis haves different number of fields. I had seen that the method setMaximumBarWidth(double percent), Sets the maximum bar width, which is specified as a percentage of the available space for all bars. I want to set an absolute ...

37. How change bar width in a StackedBarChar    jfree.org

I've read through the archives and been able to figure out how to set the width when using a StackedBarRenderer but I'm creating an XYPlot with stacked bars, using an XYBarRenderer, which doesn't have a setMaximumBarWidth methed. The plot I am creating has a lot of bars but the bars are really thin with lots of space between each bar. Is ...

38. Minimum BAR Width of XYBar Chart    jfree.org

Following is part of my code creating a bar chart: ....................... for(int k=0;k

39. width of bar    jfree.org

width of bar by awasie Sat Oct 24, 2009 5:49 am here is the code of creation of chart Code: Select all TaskSeries s1 = new TaskSeries("Team A"); TaskSeries s2 = new TaskSeries("Team B"); TaskSeries s3 = new TaskSeries("Team C"); TaskSeries s4 ...

40. How to increase the width of the bar chart    jfree.org

Hi i am working on barcharts and i have created the one too. But i am asked to widen the bar of the chart, which i am not able to find how to do. Will really appreciate, if anybody can help me in this regard. <%@page import="org.jfree.chart.*,org.jfree.data.category.*,org.jfree.chart.plot.*,org.jfree.data.jdbc.JDBCCategoryDataset,edu.wayne.med.database.*"%> <%@page contentType="image/jpeg" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <% DefaultCategoryDataset dataset=new DefaultCategoryDataset(); JspConnection con=new JspConnection(this); String sql= " select ...

41. LayeredBarRenderer & bars of same width    jfree.org

I got the chart to display properly, but I would like the various bars to have the same width, since I am superimposing the colors. And also, I need the bars to fill in the plot area. This is the code I have: MyPlotPanel plotPanel = myChart.getPlotPanel(); LayeredBarRenderer renderer = new LayeredBarRenderer(); renderer.setSeriesBarWidth(0, 1.0F); renderer.setSeriesPaint(0, plotPanel.getColor("highRange")); renderer.setSeriesBarWidth(1, 1.0F); renderer.setSeriesPaint(1, plotPanel.getColor("middleRange")); renderer.setSeriesBarWidth(2, ...

42. Colors and width of bars.    jfree.org

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