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1. Bar chart x axis label help    jfree.org

I have a bar chart which displays months on the x axis plotted against $ amounts on the y axis. when plotting data for a whole year(each month of the year) the x axis label dont show all labels since the lenght of the month names are too long instead ... are displayed where month names are suppossed to be displayed. ...

2. What method prints the X axis value on a bar chart    jfree.org

I'm currently creating a bar chart in Jasper Reports. I'm get two field values in the Category Expression in order to create my report correctly. However I only want one of these values to appear as the X-axis value. Since Jasper Reports does not allow me to control this directly I want to access the JFreeReports API to modify this value. ...

3. Display X Values at the top of Bars on Chart    jfree.org

Can some one help me with the following code? I am tring to add the values at the top of my bars. Code: Select all // create plot ... this.array1 = scheduledarray(); final IntervalXYDataset data1 = createDataset1(); final XYBarRenderer ...

4. Barchart with X,Y and Z-axis    jfree.org

5. How to change the angle of the x axis labels in bar chart    jfree.org

Hi All, I am facing a problem while using tag . I cannot change the angle of x axis labels. These labels take a lot of space. I want to make them vertical or at a particluar angle so that when a lot of bars are being represented on the chart these labels doesnt become dots