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1. Zooming in bar chart    jfree.org

2. Reset the BarChart Zoom    jfree.org

Hi, Is there a possibility to reset the Zoom of a BarChart? My Dataset changes very often, so I have to update the Barchart. But the visible Area of the Range Axis stays the same. Is there somthing like "resetZoom()" so that I can see the hole Barcharts? Thx and sorry for my English Greets Jan

3. zooming the bar in the stackedbarchart    jfree.org

Hi, How to zoom (enlarge) smaller bars in the stackedbar chart. My chart 'range axis' scale is 0 - 170, if the value to be shown in the stackedbar is 1, it's getting displayed with small bar, which is not visible to the user. And also iam showing the count in the sectional bars(i.e itemLabel), If the y-axis value is too ...

4. Not able to zoom in along domain axis in barchart ?    jfree.org

It is by design. When a value axis shows a subset of values after zooming, the chart viewer knows what lies outside of the axis bounds. But for a category axis, this isn't so - if you have the categories "Lion", "Tiger", "Cheetah", "Leopard" and "Jaguar", then someone zooms in on the chart and it just shows "Tiger", "Cheetah", "Leopard" how ...

5. Zoom in Bar chart    jfree.org

Hi, I am new here so don't beat me up. I am in a project for which I use jfreechart, I am using version 1.0.13 I have a simple question, but I cant find the answer. I want to zoom in the range of a bar chart. I tried using the zoomInRange method of ChartPanel, but it always zooms in a ...