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1. Areachart + Hatchings

Hello, I wish to carry out a areachar. For that, instead of having a color for the area, I would wish to have hatchings. Is this possible, and so yes how to make? Moreover, the color of the surfaces is on the axes. How to put in foreground the axes and not the colors of the surfaces? Thank you for your ...

2. AreaChart straightforward

4. AreaChart edge gaps

AreaChart edge gaps by Arkkimaagi Mon Jan 08, 2007 2:31 pm I'm having problems with AreaCharts and their edges when null or no data is used. Here's my sample situation The upper chart shows how it currently works, and the lower chart shows what I was aiming for. (Photoshop Mockup) I'm using org.jfree.chart.renderer.xy.XYAreaRenderer2 as the renderer. Here's the data I've ...

6. How can I get that an AreaChart don't starts and ends at 0?

Hello, I have created a AreaChart and I need to get that it don't starts and ends at 0. I have seen that it's possible using XYAreaChart, but I don't use it because I need write text at labels of domainAxis. Can anybody say me how I do it? Greetings and thanks in advance.

7. AreaChart with logarithmic Axes not rendered

I am using JFreeChart 1.0.7. in a JSF Enviorment (like jfreeChart ) to view some data from out datawarehouse, but I have some trouble using logarithmic scaled axis and the area charts. I have written a small sample application. This application tries to use Logarithmic Axis scaling first . If this - for any reason - fails, a normal scaled nuberaxis ...

8. AreaChart: GradientPaint

9. areachart 3D

10. Area overlap in Areachart

Area overlap in Areachart by ragh_dr Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:00 pm I am using JFreeChart 1.0.13. I noticed that while generating Area charts, a substantially larger area completely overlaps a smaller area depending on the order in which DefaultCategoryDataset is populated. Eg: Here is my code Code: Select all ...

11. Gradient Look For AreaChart

12. To many lablels on AreaChart

Hi, I have created and areachart based on the example I have modified this to accept XML data into a CatogoryDataset. My chart works perfectly, the only problem I have is that my dataset consists of about 200 values. Now when these labels are shown, they overlap each other very badly. How can I fix this so it does not ...