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7. How to change colors in BarChart3D

by weidlix Tue Oct 10, 2006 10:11 am like this? Code: Select all private static CategoryDataset createDataset() { DefaultCategoryDataset defaultcategorydataset = new DefaultCategoryDataset(); defaultcategorydataset.addValue(45D, "Series 1", "test 1"); defaultcategorydataset.addValue(34D, ...

8. No BackgroundImageAlpha for BarChart3D?

private static JFreeChart createBar3DChart() { DefaultCategoryDataset dataset = new DefaultCategoryDataset(); dataset.addValue(42D, "Value 1", "1"); dataset.addValue(12.3D, "Value 2", "1"); JFreeChart jfChart = ChartFactory.createBarChart3D(null, null, null, dataset, PlotOrientation.HORIZONTAL, false, true, false); CategoryPlot plotBar3D = jfChart.getCategoryPlot(); ImageIcon image = new ImageIcon("C:\\test.jpg") plotBar3D.setBackgroundImage(image.getImage()); ...

9. Problems with horizontal BarChart3D

Problems with horizontal BarChart3D by weidlix Wed Jan 17, 2007 2:32 pm I have problems building an BarChart3D with X/Y-Grid and horizontal alignment. Vertical: Code: Select all public class BarChartVertical3D { /** * Konstruktor der das DataTransferObject fr das Balkendiagramm setzt.
* Aufruf des Konstruktors ...

10. BarChart3D

Hi, I am trying to implement a Barchart3D, for which, so as to prevent overlapping of the bars, I am introducing some dummy null values, as it is done in DualAxisDemo5. However, assuming I have 4 series for only 1 category(thats the DataSet I have). Out of these 4 series, the first 3 are null values. The chart for this, contains ...

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