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1. color of subtask

2. different colors of subtasks

3. Subtasks in 3 differet color

I have to create a task with 3 colors, so I am using "incompleted task" for red, "completed task" for green, and "no task" for yellow. --------------------------------------- yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow | red | yellow | yellow | green | yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow --------------------------------------- Now I need to make the height of series equal to the height of ...

4. Different Color for SubTasks

Hi all I am a student and a new user of JFreeChart. For my application (master thesis), i would like to use a Gantt Chart with many subtasks in one task. I have a problem with the color of those subtasks, they have to be different. Is it possible that the individual subtasks have different colors (i.e. 1SubTask=green, 2 SubTask = ...