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2. remove border of grant chart???

3. Graphic outline with rounded borders

All the graphs are generated as a rectangle image. I have been trying to set a background Image (from Image2D API) using: plot.setBackgroundImage(Image). ON background image i have painted a rounded rectangle using RoundRectangle2D class. I have succeded, but the quality of the of the Image from Image2D is very poor: 1) rounded corners , even with antialising are looking bad ...

4. Border problem

5. border issue

6. Removing (some) LegendItems and gray border

Hello all, I find JFreeChart a wonderful tool, but I have been running into some problems: A) Is there anyway to remove some of the LegendItems? In my example I would like to have only the 10 most significant (highest) values. I DLed the source code, and directly accessed the LegendItem list inside the plot, however I get a concurrent exception ...

7. Shape border in SHAPES StandardXYItemRenderer

Hi All: Im trying to set a border to the shapes in my render: Code: Select all StandardXYItemRenderer renderer = new StandardXYItemRenderer(StandardXYItemRenderer.SHAPES, ttg, urlg); int totalSeries = xyDataset.getSeriesCount(); ...

8. Remove Gray Border

public BufferedImage getchartBufferedImage(int width, int height, Image ChartbackgroundImage) { this.chart.removeLegend(); this.chart.setTitle(""); this.chart.getCategoryPlot().getDomainAxis().setVisible(false); this.chart.getCategoryPlot().getRangeAxis().setVisible(false); this.chart.setBorderVisible(false); this.chart.setBackgroundImageAlpha(1.0f); this.chart.getCategoryPlot().setBackgroundAlpha(1.0f); StackedBarRenderer renderer = (StackedBarRenderer) this.chart.getCategoryPlot().getRenderer(); System.out.println(renderer.isDrawBarOutline()); renderer.setDrawBarOutline(false); this.chart.getPlot().setBackgroundImageAlpha(1.0f); return this.chart.createBufferedImage(width, ...

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10. Remove Chart's gray border

11. Border to Subtitles

12. Borders and backgrounds

13. Border around the chart

14. Black Border

15. Remove border around chart

This is fine for plots, but how can I remove the border from around a pie chart? I have successfully removed the border around the chart and title together by using setBorderVisible(false), but there is still a border around the pie chart itself which I can't seem to get rid of. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Justin