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1. Cursor - Urgent!!!!

by Jii Mon Jul 11, 2005 2:59 pm We have implemented a custom cursor which also displays the time and value of the cursor point. It looks like this: Code: Select all if (mouseInChart && plot != null && mousepoint != null) { Rectangle chart ...

3. Change of cursor on data

Hi, Do you mean that you want the data to represent as a link. Then JFreeChart has a capability to represent a data as a link in which case the cursor would be a hand, and you can place no destination for the link, so that no action is performed when u try to click... Laks.

5. Graphical Cursor

Did you have a look at the examples available from the homepage? Is one of the examples doing what you want? Which one? If so, the source code of the examples would be a good starting point. How to obtain it is explained on this site. The guide and the source are really worth its money! If none of the examples ...

6. Changing the cursor when over JFreeChart entities

I'm trying to set things up so that when the user mouses over a point in a chart entity, the cursor icon will change to the default hand cursor to indicate that the user can click on it to take further action. I've tried this code in my implementation of a ChartMouseListener: Code: Select all ...

7. Trend cursor