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2. how to draw a curve ?

3. Create bell curve

5. [JFreeChart] Gaussian Curve

FCS Parameter Number 1 (FSC-HLin) Minimum: 0.0 Maximum: 170.33333333333334 Mean: 29.28866443643854 Mode Frequency: 214 Modes: [13.5] Geometric Mean: 0.0 Sum of Squares: 1.0496574527777871E7 Sum: 227631.50000000035 Unbiased Standard Deviation: 22.199108092262428 Biased Standard Deviation: 22.197679899891646 Unbiased Variance: 492.80040009195113 Biased Variance: 492.73699293805356 Median: ...

6. curve

7. Yield Curve Chart

Hello, I would like to plot a Yield Curve with JFreeChart for my financial class. Unfortunately, i can't understand how to do the irregular ticks (like the example gave by JFreeChart). Do I have to use refreshTicks? Could you please help me to do that. Thanks you for your help. Thanks JFreeChart for your excellent API. Regards, Orelien

8. Filling under the curve

I have never heard of an area graph. When I set up my jfreechart it looks like this(pseudo code): Code: Select all for(Date d: mapKeys){ dataSeries.add(d.getTime(),defectTable.get(d))//loading data } DateAxis dateAxis = new DateAxis("Nightly Build ...

9. XYLinePlot curve jumps horizontally

private XYDataset createDataset(int[] col,double[][] pData, int multiplier) { String setName = "set_"+String.valueOf(datasetNumber); XYSeries set = new XYSeries(setName); for (int i=0; i