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1. GradientPaint problem

2. GradientPaint - what units?

Hi; If I set a Paint object to be a GradientPaint object, I need to set the X oy Y value for the second color to get the gradient to occur across the item being painted. What are the units to use for this? Is it the pixel width/height of the object being painted? I've tried different numbers but it almost ...

3. GradientPaint

Hi I have tried using a Gradient paint on my bars. but i have some problemes when I try to make it paint left to right instead of top to buttom I am doing as follows: getCategoryPlot().getRenderer(j).setSeriesPaint(i,new GradientPaint(x,y,color,x1,y1,color2) But it doesnt matter what i put in the x and y's it always paint from the top am I missing something?