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1. jfreechart: set Item Shape position

I use setSeriesShape(seriesindex, new Rectangle(5,5)) to draw itemshapes. But somehow they end up not being centered. Is there a method to set position? alt text

2. drawing shapes in jfreechart

I am using Jfreechart to draw x-y axis I want to draw a rectangle and a circle on this x-y axis. Do you know how is it possible? Is there any ...

4. Shapes in LegendGraphics

5. Choose one of predefined shapes in XYLineAndShapeRendere

Hi When we render using XYLineAndShapeRenderer / LineAndShapeRenderer, we dont have control over the shape that will be rendered. I see for most cases it is square, reactangle and circle. Can we choose the shape? If it is not the case, it is a nice to have in my option. Providing few shapes that are available default. (Like rectangle, circle, triangle). ...

6. Shapes must not overlay each other :-(

Perhaps you will need more information... These shapes should be painted, but it is important to see if there are other lines or shapes behind them. I do not know if transparency could help me but I even do not know how to set transparency to these lines & shapes... Regards Gabriel

7. No shapes in XYStepRenderer

9. Drawing simple shapes

Hi, JFreeChart can draw really nice charts, as I see the screenchots. But I also need in my app to draw simple shapes like rectangles, circles arrows. Can JFreeChart help me drawing things like a blue border rectangles filled in red, a bold gray arrow and maybe text inside? Thanks for your time. Taiguen

10. Showing Shapes

11. shapes

Hi again, I still have problems with the shapes. I have add abutton to add an event each time you clicked the button, this event is a TimeValues, and is added to the dataset (TimeCollectionValues). The problem is that each time you add the event it is recognized as a new shape and color, but I want to be the same ...

12. How to Dynamically generate different Shapes - Need Help

Hi, I need help in generating different shapes and colors for each series to show in the legenditem of the chart. I have about 200 series in one chart and would like to generate them automatically. I want to generate shapes and colors dynamically and set calling the setSeriesPaint, setSeriesShape because I have to also show these shapes and colors in ...

13. How to display the shape

Hi all, I have this problem when I have data for only one point. I cant make out where are the points exactly. So I want to display the ticks with different shapes. I am using the timeseries chart, XYPlot, and XYItemRenderer. Can I get the shapes for the series ticks ?? Can I get the shapes from the library itself ...

14. MultipleAxis + shape chart

15. Changing the Shapes of Datapoints

Hi, I need to make the first ten shapes of a series unique for use in JFreeChart. While I managed to create my own createStandardSeriesShapes() function that passes in my own shapes, they are always filled. I was wondering if it was possible to maybe make hollow shapes so you can see beyond? I also thought about toying around with the ...

16. Shapes in a map

Hi, I want to ask for a solution (or the best solution) for a problem, but I think it is better to explain entire problem. I have created a chart (JFreeChart) and inside this chart I have some series. Everyone of these series has a renderer which specifies the shape of the points (x, y). I want to change the shape ...

17. how do I change the shape??

18. how to display unicode(geometric shapes) in rowKey??

David, the defaults working for you does not mean anything on font related issues (and for the reporting engine, I went trough more troubles on fonts than I ever wanted to ). All, The JDK defines the standard fonts ("serif", "sansserif", "monospaced" etc) based on the local system. So under unix the fonts used as different ones as used in Windows. ...

19. set the Shape of item

Hi I want to set the shape to be triangular. but right now i get the square. how is it possible to set the shape as we required.For this i have used setItemShape(i,j).but i have no idea about the value of i nd j here. so plzzzzzzzz help me to solve this problem Thanx

20. Hide Shapes

/** * Creates a new renderer with lines and/or shapes visible. * * @param lines draw lines? * @param shapes draw shapes? */ public LineAndShapeRenderer(boolean lines, ...

21. XYStepRenderer with custom shape

by RoyW Thu May 22, 2008 3:47 pm I have version 1.09 of JFreeChart and it appears there is an undocumented feature in XYStepRenderer in that it doesn't even attempt to draw shapes (even though it still makes 2 passes). I am not sure if a step renderer is supposed to have shapes but the following code overrides the drawItem ...

23. Form shape creates how?

Good morning, I wish that all the curves of my chart is the square shape there on my first curve. I found the following methods: setSeriesShape and setShape. I try to do: xyplot.getRenderer (). setSeriesShape (1, xyplot.getRenderer (). getSeriesShape (0)); But the method getSeriesShapeme return a null object, perhaps because the graph is not built ... How to square shape of ...

25. Using shapes in StackedXYAreaRenderer2

Hi everybody, I am trying to create a StackedXYAreaChart using the StackedXYAreaRenderer2. Everything works fine but I don't find an option in the API-doc that allows me to draw shapes in the chart. (I want shapes for the data points, not for the labels or legend). Is there an option I could use, or any other possibility to get shapes into ...

26. hide some shape

Hello, I'm new in jfreechart. What I need to do is: 1- I have a combobox where I can select, which point I want to see 2- At start I see all point in the chart (I maked shape visible) 3- When I choose another option, I want that some points(shape) hide themself, without that the chart structur changes. can you ...

27. Align Shapes to Grid

The following image illustrates dot shapes that are not aligned to the grid: The first dot, close to 11.00, should be shifted slightly to the left to be centred along the grid line. All other dots should be shifted by the same amount. Essentially, it looks like the shapes are plotted on the grid with a left-side alignment, rather than aligning ...

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