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2. ValueMarker feature request

3. ValueMarker doesn't show up when outside data value range.

I created an XYAreaChart with two data points in a TimeSeriesCollection: [time1, 3.0], [time2, 6.0]. The chart produces the expected results. However, now I'd like to show a "baseline" value (an average that was calculated over some historical period.) I created a ValueMarker m and attached it via plot.addRangeMarker(m). Everything works as expected EXCEPT when the value on the ValueMarker is ...

4. ValueMarker drawn as an arrow

I'd like to draw value markers as an arrow instead of a line. The arrow would be at the edge of the chart. I looked through the code to see where markers are drawn (AbstractXYItemRenderer lines 896-911 in my case) and changed some code appropriately. I'm wondering if there isn't a better solution to this. My code (replacing 896-911 of AbstractXYItemRenderer): ...

5. ValueMarker & addDomainMarker

6. ValueMarker not shown in the Chart

Hello, I'm creating a chart application displaying measurement results for quality issues using jfreechart timeseries. Some of the measurements have nominal data (min,nominal,max). To show them I would like to use ValueMarkers. But sometimes if the measurement values are a bit (up) away from the minimum, the valuemarker for the minimum is not shown in the chart, meaning the y- startvalue ...

7. ValueMarker issue

Hello, I am having a XYPlot. On the domain axis i have some dates and on the range axis i have prices. I want to put ValueMarker parallel to the domain axis that starts from 13th of May and and have price of 100$ for example. How can i do that ? Thanks in advance.