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1. XYShapeAnnotation circle

2. drawing circle in chart .. help

i am trying to draw arc using Arc2D on chart, i have Date axis as x-Axis and price on Y-Axis. now i am using XYShapeAnnotation. to Draw Arc i specify X and Y location but how do i specify width and height. since i have width which in terms of date (x-Axis) and height in terms of Price ( Y-Axis) how ...


4. PriceVolume Chart Demo with circle

basically here is what i want to do. I have time series chart with date axis as domain Axis and price as range Axis. (i took priceVolumenDemo from demo) now i would like to draw circle on this charts at some dates, with radius representing my z value (not domain and range axis value). what dataset interface should i use and ...

5. percentage circles in scatter

Hi, I'm new to freechart, but I already have a few charts up (3 histograms and 1 scatter). The scatter, which represents distances, the user has asked that circles be drawn on the chart to represent different percentiles (25%, 50% and 75%). Is there a way to do this in jfreechart? Thanks. LOu

7. circle and traingle

8. How to draw quarter circle? (ARC)

I want to put a quarter circle (that is filled with a color) between positive Y axis and negative X axis to show the 90 degrees angle. BY the way I think it is called ARC. how can draw a quarter circle? (I'm gonna put it as an image annotation, there is no problem.)

10. Semi Circle Speedometer

Hi, Does any one know how to get a Semi Circle Speedometer?? As of now, I see that jfreechart can generate a full circle, arc like one, and hightlight some values in full circle. What i need is a semi circle Speedometer with pointer to indicate the values. Is that possible? Do let me know. If thats possible, do let me ...