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Dear All, I using JFree chart to draw the radar diagram in my application. The scenario is, I'm drawing the radar diagram, to compare the various properties of two companies. For ex: companies: CompanyA and CompanyB properties: property1,property2.... The problem is, I need to put the line break in both company name and property name like [b]"Company\nA"[/b] and [b]"property\n1"[/b]. In the ...

5. Extracting one type of diagrams    jfree.org

I was able to find the answer neither in FAQ nor in the forum. Is it possible to extract the code for only one type of diagrams to lower the size of the library? Our application needs very little from the library and 1.5Mb for the full set of features is too heavy for us. Thanks!

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Is there any way to get a class diagram of the JFreeChart source code? I have tried to reverse engineer it and generate a class diagram using Netbeans but without any luck. I also tried to install the reverse engineering plugin for Eclipse but this just led to an endless series of broken dependencies with other plugins. Advice is appreciated.

10. Adding support for triangular diagrams - input welcome    jfree.org

I work in a scientific field where it is very common to visualize some calculation results in the form of Triangular/Ternary diagrams. (Here I had some URLs to information about such diagrams, but I was not allowed to post them. Look up "Ternary plot" on the English Wikipedia for examples of how they look and are constructed). Basically it is a ...

11. [Proposal] Branching Diagram    jfree.org

Here is a good place to propose such things! I guess that JFreeChart could be made to render such a chart. I wonder what the dataset interface would look like and what all the special cases are etc. It's a little similar to Gantt charts in some ways, and JFreeChart's support for those isn't wonderful (that's not a reason not to ...

12. Thermodynamic diagram: skew-t    jfree.org

Yes, my first approach was using an XYPlot and implementing a dataset which adds a Y-dependent offset to the X value so I got the isotherms making an angle of 45. The problem doing this way is that the displayed horizontal ticks does not mean anything and the axis angle changes when resizing the plot... I guess I have to subclass ...

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14. Tornado Diagram (Sensitivity Analysis)    jfree.org

I was bored myself and since I wasnt really convinced I explained myself right the previous post, I made some alterations of the original jFreeChart Population Chart Demo found at the samples. With these charts you can see better what I want to achieve: - First chart is the original with Axis referenced to zero, that is, the "origin" is zero. ...

15. How to draw scientific diagram    jfree.org

How can I draw scientific diagram? For example a closed triangle with the following coordinates using XYLineChart: x, y (1,1) (3,1) (2,3) (1,1) Is there any way to avoid automatic sorting of data in XYSeries before drawing? Data should be drawn and connected in order they are put into series. p.s. Of course, my diagram (curve) will be much complex.

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