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sorry my message is not very clear, so i specify it. i create a new XYseries: new XYSeries serie1 = new XYSeries("values"); serie1.setDescription("data1"); i add serie1 to my chart and the legend posts "data1" so it's ok. But in an other part of my code i wrote this: serie1.setDescription("data_update"); And the legend doesn't change, so why? Please help me.

3. problem with legendtitle and overlaid demo    jfree.org

In the demo program OverLaidBarChartDemo1, I tried to move the legend to the lower left. My code changes had no effect. Below are the changes I made to the code. ------------------------------------------------------ public static JFreeChart createChart() { // many lines of code remvoed plot.getDomainAxis().setCategoryLabelPositions(CategoryLabelPositions.UP_45); JFreeChart chart = new JFreeChart(plot); LegendTitle legend = new LegendTitle(plot); // code added legend.setPosition(RectangleEdge.BOTTOM); // code added legend.setVerticalAlignment(VerticalAlignment.CENTER); ...

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New to JFreecharts, but wasnt able to figure this out. I can add a legend to my chart, but only in the 4 locations specificed by RectangleEdge. These positions all are -outside- the chart area, and it results in a huge waste of space. How can I place the LegendTitle anywhere I want, even overlapping my chart? Is it even possible? ...

6. Re: New Approach to show LegendTitle    jfree.org

Nice approach. I just did try using it. THough not perfect it works fine. At the moment, just adding to Top and Bottom works fine. Left and Right doesn't look that good. I have one question. When we add LegendTitle with this new approach, I expect mouse click on it to return LegendItemEntity object. But it doesn't seem to. Regular Legend's ...