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2. custom title on chart    jfree.org

There isn't any support for positioning titles within the plot area. It's something that could be done, and would be a nice addition to JFreeChart - it just hasn't been done. If you are willing to modify the source code, you need to add something in the draw() method of the XYPlot and/or CategoryPlot classes. An alternative would be to try ...

3. Moving Title    jfree.org

4. Space above title    jfree.org

ChartColor color = new ChartColor(153, 204, 102); chart.setBackgroundPaint(Color.WHITE); CategoryPlot plot = (CategoryPlot) chart.getPlot(); plot.getRenderer().setSeriesPaint(0, color); plot.setBackgroundPaint(Color.WHITE); plot.getRenderer().setOutlinePaint(color); chart.setBorderStroke(new BasicStroke(30)); chart.setBorderPaint(Color.GRAY); ...

5. Raise title    jfree.org

6. Change Chart Title During Runtime    jfree.org

Change Chart Title During Runtime by Reggie3 Mon Mar 10, 2008 5:43 pm I need to change the title of my chart at runtime based on data from the dataset. I'm able to successfully change the dataset, and the bars on my chart reflect that, however the title stays the same. How do I get the entire chart to redraw ...

7. Don't want automatic chart title wrapping    jfree.org

I have a chart implementation where the automatic wrapping of chart title doesn't look right (see image below). I'd like to be able to tell the TextTitle (or the chart itself) not to wrap title but rather to just not show a title at all until all the title text will fit unwrapped (just like is already done with Series value ...

8. Title for each subplot.    jfree.org

This is an example of what we need: disk.bardzil.net/chart.jpg (prepend with http the system does not allow me to send mail with url) I have seen this issue in the forum in several threads. Is it implemented in any version of jfreechart? does JFreeChart team has any clue or recommendation to give to us? thx a lot.[/img]

9. title.setVisible(false) not working    jfree.org

Code: Select all chart = ChartFactory.createTimeSeriesChart( DEFAULT_TITLE, // title DEFAULT_X_AXIS_LABEL, // x-axis label ...

10. Title and SubTitle of chart    jfree.org

11. Chart Title    jfree.org

12. Getting the position of the Title in the Chart    jfree.org

I'm trying to implement a mouse listener that will detect a left mouse button click and decide whether or not it was over the area of the Chart Title or not. Currently I'm using these to get the values of the position of the Title: Code: Select all xOffset = chart.getTitle().getContentXOffset(); width = chart.getTitle().getWidth(); yOffset ...

13. Centering - title vs. subtitle    jfree.org

I have a quick question about centering of titles and subtitles. In my situation, I create a pie chart, and I have the legend appearing to the RIGHT of the pie chart. (RectangleEdge.RIGHT) When I add a title - it centers on the entire width.... meaning it is centered between the left edge of the pie chart and the right edge ...

14. Duplicate item title - data does not get displayed    jfree.org

dataset.addValue(session_chart_xy.y.get(i), session_chart_xy.item.get(i).toString(), session_chart_xy.x.get(i).toString());

15. Chart title bold    jfree.org

16. Title set visible?    jfree.org