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1. JFreeChart Dial chart in Coldfusion

Has anyone an example of implementing a JFreechart Dial chart on Coldfusion? Thanks

2. JFreeChart in Coldfusion

Hi Lini, Coldfusion has a standard (and pretty ugly) way of interacting with any Java object available to it. First, you must make the JFreeChart library available to it, by putting the .class files in some directory in your CLASSPATH (ColdFusion should have a standard directory that it uses). Then you do something like this to actually create Java objects and ...

3. JFreeChart with ColdFusion 5

4. Jfreechart Coldfusion Timestamps

Have db timestamps with the format of '2009-06-16 13:25:47.7650000. I am using timeseries with xydataset. I have about 100 data points to dislpay. using the createxydataset in the cf custom tag I output the xyitem and it looks like this [39980.48460648148, 0.0] format. The 0.0 is correct but the date not sure what that is. When I create the chart all ...