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1. Is there any way to make a Java ResultSet/RowSet update when there are external database updates?

I have a Java Db database table that I use to display results in JFreeChart. There are two processes:

  1. updates the table every 30 seconds with data obtained from a temperature sensor
  2. creates ...

2. connecting database in JFReeChart

as david said, write your own class, its very easy to do and there are lots of the tutorials on the net, then just pass the results into JFreeChart. Query the DB, return the results into a ResultSet, then populate an ArrayList from the ResultSet, and then do the necessary stuff do get it into a DataSet for JFreeChart. I can ...

3. How are you saving annotations? (DB wise)

I've been trying to figure out how I am supposed to save these annotations to a database. How are any of you providing new annotations a unique key for a particular data point? I can't think of anything other than YValue+XValue+ChartID as key, but even that can easily be an unoriginal key. Anybody have any pointers? Thanks, -fb

5. PROBLEM with dates from database in a table

I've a problem with the dates. I've an access database and one of its fields is defined as date/hour. I've built a table and my problem is that only displays date and no hour. I tried to implement the code following: public Class getColumnClass(int c) { if (c==1) return Minute.class; if ((c==2)|(c==3)|(c==5)|(c==6)|(c==8)|(c==9)|(c==11)|(c==12)) return Integer.class; return getValueAt(0,c).getClass(); } but it doesnt't do ...

6. How to acquire data from database in applet?

How to acquire data from database in applet? by harrisppr Wed Jun 27, 2007 6:22 pm I just picked up jfreechart and have tried some applets by following some examples in the development guide. I am quite new to applet programming too . I want the applet to receive data from my PostgreSQL database and plot real-time curve. I write ...

7. [solved]..creating pie/bar charts from a MySQL DB

Hi....I've a DB created on MySQL with some tables in it. I want to know is it possible to create a pie/bar chart using those data which are already inside the tables? (well, it can done using "postgresql". but what about MySQL?) If yes, can someone please help/guide me on how to do it. ...thanks

9. Create charts using MySql database

I want to create bar charts using mysql database result set as dataset. I try do implement bar chart( like BarChartDemo) But I dont know how to convert result set to data set. Other than that I want to create another chart. that charts data source is Jtable. using jtable data Iwant to create another bar chats. If any one know ...

10. how to diplay data accede from database

Hi Dave, Thanks for replying me. I am using mySQL as a database. and i want to display pie chart which is depend on database values. I am not getting how to display those things. Can u give me some sample code. So that i can do that. waiting for your reply

11. CSV from a Round Robin Database

CSV from a Round Robin Database by aram535 Fri Aug 29, 2008 7:21 pm Hi, I'm getting a CSV dump of an RRD that I need to graph. The problem is that I have no idea how many data points there will be from one RRD dump to the next. Does anyone have any dynamic examples that they could share ...

12. to draw jfreechart for mysql database.

problem is user enters 3types of values.... a=1 b=87665 c=30 //range.. this is data given by user in html... now when user click submit button he must be able to see a grah...of following details... we must compare values 'a' and 'b' and return no of rows....suppose the no of rows is 4 ....4 must be displayed as bar graph...more over ...

14. JFreeChart inside Oracle 10gR2 database

Does anybody have any experience using JFreeChart inside an Oracle database (10gR2)? I am trying to create a Java store procedure that retrieves a dataset, creates a bar chart and stores it in a BLOB as a JPG-image or PNG-image. I keep getting an ORA-03113 error upon execution. Not necessarily on the first execution but repeated execution will eventually result in ...

15. How to display 2 columns in a database on a Spider Chart axe

Hi, I have to display Users' Skills and Required Skills on an Axes on Spider chart. These are 2 separate columns in the database that needs to be shown on an Axes. The code I am using is: defaultcategorydataset.addValue(resObj.getInt("REQDSKILLLEVEL"), resObj.getString("BASE_ROLE_LEVEL"), resObj.getString("SKILL_NAME")); As per this code, I will be able to display the REQDSKILLLEVEL field on the Axes, BASE_ROLE_LEVEL on the Legend ...

16. Problem with timestamps from Mysql DB

Problem with timestamps from Mysql DB by GEGAN Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:31 am Hello, I am trying to create an JDBCXYchart using the JDBCXYchartdemo code but I'm having problems with the chart accepting timestamps from the mysql database. I have modified the code to connect to my database, which works fine, and I have also changed the SQL query ...

17. JFreeChart in applet in lotus notes db form = Memory leak

JFreeChart in applet in lotus notes db form = Memory leak by tcurtin Wed May 19, 2010 10:38 pm Hello all - I'm at my wit's end and hoping someone here can help. I've inherited an application that is a lotus notes database, and one of the forms includes an applet written in java. The applet uses JFreeChart to generate ...

18. Database connection

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