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1. mouse events in JfreeChart

I need a way to distinguish when a mouse event occurs in the chart itself and not in the chartPanel (the plot area). Thanks

2. mouse over chart line in jfreechart

I'd like to know if there is a way to detect when the mouse is over the graph line/lines and to be able to acces the data from the dataset ...

3. Jfreechart get Mouse Co-ordinates

I have been trying to get current Mouse Co-ordinates in a JfreeChart and found that the following solution was working partially JFreeChart get mouse coordinates I have been using OHLC Dataset to ...

4. JFreeChart MouseListener doesn't resolve chart elements

I've got stacked bar chart where I want to be able to select individual bars in the stack. But ChartMouseListener doesn't resolve ChartMouseEvent into corresponding ChartEntity. Here's the listener snippet :