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1. Saving State

3. How to overwrite save method?

Hi, I'm absolutely new to jFreeChart. I want to save my XYSeries data as CSV and I think the best way do to this is from the context menu "Save as..". Here I only have .png format. (How) can I add other behaviour to this save panel? Thanks for any help, Haiko

4. Save changes to chart after creating ChartPanel and save it.

Save changes to chart after creating ChartPanel and save it. by guest123 Fri Sep 02, 2005 4:43 am Hi, I am trying to drawLine after creating chart. I am able to view it in Frame but when I resize the window or save it as JPG I do not see changes. Here is code segment. How do I write to ...

7. Save procedure

10. save charts

Hi, from what I see, it seems that JFreeCharts can only save charts as JPEG or PNG files. However I need to save my charts in TIFF format. Is there any way to do this with JFreeChart? If not, could someone recommend me a free library that would do the job. Thanks in advance

11. Save chart inside webapps

Hi, My application requires creation of charts with the input from a form.I am able to create the chart and display it, but i have to save the created charts in some folder. I am using a servlet to create the chart.But if i deployed it in tomcat i am not able to save chart inside webapps.Kindly resolve this problem. Any ...

12. How to save a spider chart as JPG file

Hi all, I'm new in jfree and want to ask some stupid questions. wish all of you don't mind. I've create a spiderChart "chart" object (class org.jfree.chart.plot.SpiderWebPlot), I would like to save my chart into jpg file. I've checked that there has a function in ChartUtilities class to save the chart to jpg / png, but it only supports the chart ...

13. How to save the zoomed area only ?

As this is my first post, I would like to say that JFreeChart is everything I wanted and wish the developper(s) all the best! I have found the answers to most of my questions on the forum, but I have one left unanswered. When I right click on the chart, the popup menu lets me "Save as..." the chart as PNG, ...

15. Saving as EPS

16. Switch off daylight saving

Hi everybody, I am using JFC for the display of output from a hydrological model. The problem I have, when I run the model in hourly time steps is that I am not able to switch daylight saving off for the DateAxis. My question is: How do I switch off daylight saving for a JFC DateAxis Object. Thanks Peter

17. JFreeChart file not saved in Tomcat 5.0 temp directory

Using GWT's developer tools, I am able to see a generated 3D pie chart using ServletUtilities.saveChartAsPNG(chart,300, 250, session). However, when I deployed the web app to Tomcat 5.0, the chart does not get created. I do not see any image file saved under %CATALINA_BASE%\temp directory. I am using the following: jcommon-1.0.9.jar jfreechart-1.0.5.jar Is there any Tomcat 5.0 configuration I should make, ...

18. Saving Report in HTML format

Hi.. I'm using JfreeReport-0.9.0-05. I am able to create PDF files but it is not saving report in HTML format. i tried to run HTMLWorldDemo available in demos under headless but i get the follwing exception. Please tell me how can i save report in html format. ERROR: Failed to generate content. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: ( at org.jfree.xmlns.writer.XmlWriter.writeTag( at org.jfree.layouting.modules.output.html.HtmlPrinter.generate( at org.jfree.layouting.modules.output.html.PageableHtmlOutputProcessor.processLogicalPage( at ...

20. How override the Save As method?

21. How to Save a Chart AS PNG

22. how can i save a png with the filename customized

How can i save a png ,which filename start with "public" I read the resource ,find that // Check that the graph being served was created by the current user // or that it begins with "public" boolean isChartInUserList = false; ChartDeleter chartDeleter = (ChartDeleter) session.getAttribute( "JFreeChart_Deleter"); if (chartDeleter != null) { isChartInUserList = chartDeleter.isChartAvailable(filename); } boolean isChartPublic = false; ...

23. Save only Legend to PNG

While saving only legend to image, using following code, i am getting a long legend. I want to keep the width of the legend static, but height to be dynamic. pls suggest if any solution. BufferedImage img = new BufferedImage(1, 1, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB); Graphics2D g2 = img.createGraphics(); Size2D size = chart.getLegend().arrange(g2); g2.dispose(); // now create an image of the required size for ...

24. Saving chart information to xml

Hi, I am looking for a way to save chart information, eg. title, chart type, formats, axis mapping, in short all properties necessary to rebuild a chart but the data. I'm thinking about an xml file, because serialization will probably be to fragile. I did not find anything similar in the JFreeChart library, does anyone know if anything has been done ...

25. problem with daylight saving in jfreechart

Hi All, I am using jfreechart along with jasperreports in my project. I need to display TimeSeriesCollection graph by daily base X-axis as date and Y-axis as the range of value. I am able to plot the points for every 5 min corresponding to that day. But I am getting the X-axis label is repeating for one hour it is having ...

27. Problem with "save as"

I have created an applet in Netbeans which works, and with the right button I can save the image, print it,...all perfect. But when I use this applet in my asp aplication in a server the option of "save as" doesnt work, but the others run perfectly (zoom, print, etc..) I have tried all kind of things but I couldn't fix ...

28. Chart Saving Problem.

29. save chart in a specific location

30. Time Zone - Daylight Saving Time - issue

Time Zone - Daylight Saving Time - issue by kessavsendhil Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:20 pm All, I am trying to plot a timeseries chart (epoch against value), the epoch is UTC. When I run the chart as an applet in the browser, the jfree chart takes the local time which is BST in this case. I wanted the jfree ...

31. Easy way to set default filename for "Save As"?

I have a pretty simple chart and I was wondering if there's an easy way to set the default file name that would appear when the user: Right click -> Save as.. There's the ChartPanel.setDefaultDirectoryForSaveAs() which helps, but doesn't set the default name. I also thought maybe it would default to the name/title of the chartpanel/chart/plot but none of those seemed ...

32. Saving a chart

Hello, I have the following problem: I put the ChartPanel in A JScrollPane to be able to Scroll in small frames. If I want to save the chart, I have to set the size of the chart (which it should have) und I want to use the optimal size. Is there any way to find this optimal size? Thanks

33. Saving chart

Hi, I need one help regarding saving the chart. Is there any possible to save chart along with criteria. for example i am using start date and end date to fetch the data. i need to save the start date and end date also in the chart. please help me to do this.