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2. Gantt Properties Help

1. I was wondering where the color of the event bars is set and how I can change the color. 2. Can I move the data range on the x-axis to the top of the chart? 3. Would it be possible to implement drop on the chart? I want to drag a "event" from a jtable and drop it on the ...

3. Gantt Jfreechart

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to merge symbols from different kind of graphs. In fact what i want to do is a gantt chart, but I would like to add symbols, like those squares and circles that appear in the marker graph, over the task bars to represent "special days". Any other way to achieve this ...

4. Gantt and URL generator

Hi, I have a Gantt Diagram with many subTasks. I need to add a CategoryURLGenerator. I made a custom version (OperationReportCategoryURLGenerator implements CategoryURLGenerator). The generator must generate a URL with Time (Day or Hour) informations. Then I can load a new Diagram like a zoom. How can I do that ? Thansk

5. help!jfreechart create gantt

7. who can share Gantt sample

Here you are: Code: Select all JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createGanttChart("xxx", "", null, taskseriescollection, false, true, false); chart.setBorderVisible(false); chart.setBackgroundPaint(new Color(255, 255, 255)); CategoryPlot plot = (CategoryPlot) chart.getPlot(); ...

8. StackBarChart vs Gantt - Suggestions?

StackBarChart vs Gantt - Suggestions? by debrut Tue Jan 31, 2006 3:28 pm Hi, I am hoping that the members of this group could provide some guidance on which chart type or design pattern would best fit my chart needs. I have read throught many of the posting and have not found the answer. One that came close was the ...

9. Combine Gantt & histogram

Hello guys, I'm looking for a way to combine 2 different charts : a Gantt one and a histogram. Is there a simple way to do that ? You're probably wondering what I have in mind so here's why I'm asking : We are currently developping a piece of software that would show 2 things : - the first is a ...

10. Gantt DateAxis

11. Gantt map

Hi guys, Do you think generating a map that would make clickable all bars of a Gantt Chart is possible ? Could someone point me out the direction to search in ? (I could not manage to get a clear answer using the search feature, maybe I don't use it right ...) Thanks a lot, Jerome

12. Gantt - Additional Features

The JFreeChart source code is great. Recently I needed additional features on my Gantt Charts so I modified some JFreeCharts files, which was extremely simple. With these modifications you can add Summary Tasks, Milestones/Deliverables, and dependencies between Tasks and Milestones/Deliverables. You can see an example on my blog at Gantt Charts with JFreeChart. Of course the changes I made could be ...

13. Gantt Demo 1

14. XML Handler for Gantt data

15. Gantt CategoryPlot and CategoryMarker

chart = createChart(dataset); CategoryPlot plot = (CategoryPlot) chart.getPlot(); Day day = new Day(1, 4, 2001); CategoryMarker marker = new CategoryMarker(new Long(day.getFirstMillisecond()),, ...

16. Gantt ItemLabel generation

Has anyone tried extending the available classes in JFreeChart to allow for the labeling of an individual task versus labeling the entire taskSeries? For example I want to place a different label in the center of each bar (which may or may not be in the same series) on a Gantt chart. This label would be a custom string I would ...

17. Combined Gantt TimeSeries

18. Post the weeks from 1 to 52 for a Graph of Gantt

Hello everyone, I wish to post the number of the weeks in my graph so I have the following code: Code: Select all private JFreeChart createChart(IntervalCategoryDataset dataset) { JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createGanttChart( "", ...

19. interactive Gantt

Good morning, I want to create an interactive Gantt. That is filled resize tasks, add, delete ... I know create a diagram Gant but I do not know the make interactive ... Is this possible? In addition I would like to make an action (SQL) when there is change. Will t'il possible to do this in a future version? Thank you ...

20. Anyone used SummaryTasks and Milestones in Gantt?

I haven't tried the code that was posted. Looking at it briefly, I wonder if everything is in fact there? My next two tasks are to get an updated version of the JFreeChart Developer Guide out, then integrate the minor ticks patch for the axis. After that, I may come back and take a closer look at this one.

21. Gantt's chart