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1. Jfree GanttChart -Takseries followed by an image

Hi I am working with Jfree Gantt Charts. I would like to accommodate an image behind the Taskseries Name. Like:Taskseriesname followed by an image(taskseriesname+image) Please can any one help with the code. Thank you. Ram

2. Setting URL to Gantt Chart legends & Tooltip with image

I am new to JFreeChart. I have a Gantt chart showing legends (tasks) on the left hand side. Can u please tell me how to set URL s to these legends. i mean, when i click on legend, i need one more chart to be displayed which are actually subtasks to this task. One more thing. Can i generate tool tips ...

3. [GANTT]category Axis with image

5. Gannt Gantt chart with a image(Status light and extra column

Is there a way to add extra columns for each task in a Gantt Chart. I have situation where there is tow more columns are coming towards each task. One column is having an image which tells some status and one other column is having current task of the main task. Please let me know is this achievable. Sample ...