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1. Minimum Gantt Chart Width or Stretching?

Hello - I would like my gantt charts to look nice within 1000 points on my html page. However, it renders ugly if the projects are short. How can I force the rendered section of gantt bars take up say 800 points and then have the rendering always stretch or compress as necessary. Thanks

2. Set Minimum Bar Length in a Gantt Chart doesn't work

Hi, We have a j2ee webapp that has a reports module. I am working on having gantt charts show up in a pdf report. For each page of the report, there can be at most 2 categories and for each category, there could be at most 3 pairs of (start/end) dates. However, if the range of my date axis is large ...

3. gantt label minimum font size

Hi, I have the following problem. I have noticed that when the labels in my gantt chart are visible, and I expand it, the font becomes larger, but when i reduce the size of the window, at a certain point the labels disappear. I would like them to remain until the smallest possible font is reached. How could I do this? ...