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1. Label Alignment Issue

There seems to be a problem with label alignment when I have more than about 20 items. The "A" looks centered correctly, but as the chart adds items the last items seem to not be aligned correctly under the bars. Any Ideas on this one? I am not creating any special overrides for alignment or rotation, just using built in defaults. ...

4. Tick Label Alignment

5. Can we set Alignment for Category Labels in jfreechart-0.9.8

Hi, I am using jfreechart-0.9.8 for creating Horizontal Bar Chart. I am not able to make the Category Labels left aligned. Is it the problem with the version of jfreechart that I am using? I could do it using jfreechart-1.0.1 I want to do it using 0.9.8 Can I do it? If yes, how?

6. Alignment of Category labels

Hi! I had a problem with category labels on a bar chart being cut (with a trailing "..."), but found that it could be solved by enabling line wrapping (as the default is that category labels can only occupy a single line). Now instead I'm facing a problem with the alignment of the labels. Those labels that are not line wrapped ...

7. Align label