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1. vertical item labels?

The axis labels can be rotated via setVerticalTickLabels() / setCategoryLabelPositions(CategoryLabelPositions.UP_90). But how can I rotate the item labels? I would like to display the item labels vertically as some bar charts have many bar's and then there's not enough space to draw the item labels (percentage numbers like '23,75 %') the standard way.

2. Vertical labels on vertical BarCharts

Vertical labels on vertical BarCharts by JIron Thu May 18, 2006 6:47 am 1-I need vertical labels on each bar of my BarChart.I need a ItemLabelPosition for each bar??? 2-How to make a traced line in my BarChart???(Example: make a traced line in position "10" on my range) Im using BarChart: Code: Select all /**Testing Vertical BarChart with vertical labels ...

3. vertical tick labels

4. QuarterDateFormat with vertical tick labels

I am creating a line chart which uses quarterly dates for x-axis. I know that quarter dates are supported in Period Axis. But since, I cannot rotate the tick labels with period axis, it is almost unusable for me. Can anyone suggest a better way to handle this situation ? (I am a newbie, so don't know much about jFreeChart)

7. Vertical Tick Labels

Hi, I want ticks labels of the domain axis (horizontal axis) to be displayed vertically. I know there's a method to do so ('setVerticalTickLabels') but when used, labels are not diplayed right behind categories (they are almost displayed between categories so it might be confusing when "reading" the charts). Does anyone know how to do to solve this problem? (If it ...