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1. Multiple Legends

2. Need help ! ! Same legend for multiple subplots.

Hi, I created a CombinedDomainCategoryPlot with 2 subplots. How can I achieve to use only 1 legend for these 2 subplots. My window shows two equal legends but I only need one of those. Its build dynamic so maybe there could be 4 or 5 subplots and than I only want one legend, not 4 or 5 equal legends. I know ...

3. Multiple Legends?

If an overlaid chart has multiple plots and you have multiple axes, it can be confusing what plot belongs (is mapped) to which axis. If I could split the legend, I could use the legend name to be used in the axis title to visually "map" the colors to the axes. The JFreeChart class has a addLegend() method but its API ...

4. Multiple legends

5. Legends in multiple lines

6. Legends On Multiple Lines