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1. StandardLegend.setDisplaySeriesShapes(boolean)

In the new legend code, the legend graphic for each series is configured by the renderer, so it should automatically match the display on the chart. There are still some minor bugs, some of them have been fixed in CVS. If you are able to try out the latest code from CVS (on the STABLE_1-0-0 branch) that will help to make ...

2. What class ver 1.0.1 replaces the StandardLegend class?

I've been using an older version of JFreeChart and just recently have tried to convert all code to use the new 1.0.1 version. Most things are fine except that it seems that an old class StandardLegend which allows customization of the legend in my line charts is no longer avaiable and has been replaced by another class. Does anyone know what ...

3. From V0.9.3 to 1.0.1 / StandardLegend (DefaultOldLegend)

From V0.9.3 to 1.0.1 / StandardLegend (DefaultOldLegend) by FordPrefect Tue Mar 21, 2006 12:59 pm Hi everybody, I inherited our application last year and found out that it was still based on JFreeChart V0.9.3. So I wanted to get all the latest changes and use the stable API. One of my problems is that the StandardLegend, temporarily moved to DefaultOldLegend, ...

5. StandardLegend missing

7. Alternative for StandardLegend class

Hi , What is alternative for StandardLegend class in jfreechart1.0.1? As following code was working on jfreechart0.9.20.and I want to convert this code with jfreechart 1.0.1. StandardLegend lg = new StandardLegend(); lg.setOutlinePaint(settings.getLegendOutline()); lg.setOutlineShapes(true); lg.setShapeOutlinePaint(; chart.setLegend(lg); Please help me in converting this code.Also is there any alternative class for ChartUtilities in jfreechart 1.0.1? Thanks Kanchan