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I need to hide every second/third/forth item from the legend. IS there a way to achieve this in jFreeChart? thanks!

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I'm creating a combined domain chart (two XY plots sharing a common X axis). Each plot will have data series that are named for each of the IP TOS values (0 - 7). I want to reuse the series colors between the top and bottom plots - this way TOS 0 is the same color on both charts, etc. I'd like ...

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How can the legend be selectively hidden? I have a graph where i plot the same series as bar and as area chart, since both the series are the same i dont want the second series legend to show up is there a way we can make the legend of the second series disappear? Here is the key elements in my ...

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I do not know of any straightforward way to implement this functionality with the current JFreeChart API. I implemented an easy solution for my local JFreeChart installation: I have added a "visible" flag to the org.jfree.chart.title.Title class with setters and getters and then modified the drawTitle method of JFreeChart to directly return null is Title.isVisible() returns false (added one line around ...