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2. remove legend from StatisticalBarChart

Hi, I am using the StatisticalBarChart with StatisticalBarRenderer. In the DefaultStatisticalCategoryDataset, to add data, you have to call dataset.add(double mean, double standardDeviation, Comparable rowKey, Comparable columnKey). And the rowKey is display as legend at the bottom of the chart. If I have only one "RowKey", I do not want to display the legend. How can I remove it? Thanks, em

3. How to remove outline of the legend?

The legends in StandardXYItemRenderer always has a border. How to remove them or make them unvisible, or fill the legend with the fill paint? I find that in "XYLineAndShapeRenderer" we can set "useOutlinePaint" as false, but there is no such field in "StandardXYItemRenderer". How to hide the outline of a curve? Thanks a lot, ss.

4. Remove Legend

Hi, anyone knows if is possible to remove the legend of a ChartPanel as shown in the picture below? [img][/img] I've tried to use removeLegend() method but seems doesn't work... the code is: Code: Select all Plot plot=plotGraphData(functiontoplot); JFreeChart chart = new JFreeChart(plot); chart.removeLegend(); ChartPanel chartPanel = new ChartPanel(chart); .... ... ... protected Plot plotGraphData(VectorExpolFunction plotfunction) { ...

5. IgnoreZeroValues removing legend item

Hello, I read the following thread where not removing the legend item after setting ignoreZeroValues to true seemed to be considered a bug. However, this is the functionality I'm looking for, not showing the pie piece or label but showing the legend item for a zero value. I'm also a little confused by the javadoc: "Sets a flag that controls ...