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1. Legend item's shape

2. legend shape

3. change shape of legends

Hi! I have a chart made of lines. By default the shape of the legends for this type of chart is also a line, but I would like to change the shape of the legends. I know that I can use the function setSeriesShape but this function adds a shape at every x,y point of the chart, and I don't want ...

4. How to create Same Legend shape for a Multipage report

While creating a multipage Event Frequencychart ..the legend shape differs for pages even if one of the series is not there.For example if series 1 has square,Series2 has circle and series3 has triangle for one page and in the seond page if if series1 has no value ..series 2 takes square and series3 circle.How can i fix this shape for all ...

6. set legend without any shape

7. Legend - filled shape

8. HELP - how do I use a different shape on legends

I'm creating a pie chart with the legend information to the right of the chart. The default is to identify the legend entry with a colored circle, using the color of the slice, next to the label. Is it possible to use a different shape, such as a square rather than a circle on my pie chart?