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1. How do you place a footer (subtitle) below the legend?

The legend is also a chart subtitle. JFreeChart will draw the subtitles in order, from the outside of the chart working inwards (once the titles are drawn, whatever space is left is allocated to the plot). So you need to create a chart with no legend, add your subtitle first, then add the legend.

2. Copyright Subtitle Below Legend

I've added a Copyright subtitle to my chart and tried to position it in the lower right of the chart: TextTitle textTitle = new TextTitle("Copyright \u00A9 2008. Acme, Inc. "); textTitle.setFont(new Font("SansSerif", Font.PLAIN, 10)); textTitle.setPosition(RectangleEdge.BOTTOM); textTitle.setHorizontalAlignment(HorizontalAlignment.RIGHT); chart.addSubtitle(textTitle); The only problem is the copyright notice appears above the legend. Is there any way to get it to appear below the legend? Thx. ...