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1. How to plot jfree line chart with real numbers in X and Y axis

I have to plot a line chart with the range of X and Y axis is in real numbers(eg.-n to n which are float values).How can i manually set the values.And ...

4. Plotting points on domain and range axis in Line chart

Hello, I want to plot points on the X and Y axis in a line chart. e.g p1(20,0) or p2(0,20) Currently I can plot the points only if the X and the Y co-ordinates are not zero. If any one has any idea, let me know of how it can be done. Thanks, Scarlett

5. Plot line chart

I have made some code, that reads in a file with doubles, which should then be shown in a line chart. I think the code is ok, because it is working on other computers, but when I run the program on my computer, there is only a gray chart popping up, but no line. I have tried to run the program ...