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1. Generating tool tips for XY Line chart

Hi All, I generated simple XYLine chart using a series of (x,y) points. Now I want to add tooltips to the chart which can be viewed on mouse hover on the co-oridinate in JSP that shows x&Y values for the plotted co-ordinate. Can any body help me with the sample code to add tool tips? Thanks in advance LaxmiKanth

2. Jfree Line Chart ToolTip generation

Hi, I am using Jfree Line & Bar charts of both for a kind of scenario in the same Action class. but for the Bar chart i can able to see the Tool Tips. but for Line chart i don't. so my code is for line chart as shown below... JFreeChart jfreechart = ChartFactory.createLineChart("Resource Utilization", "RESOURCE NAMES", "%UTILIZATION", lineDataset, PlotOrientation.VERTICAL, true, ...

3. Line Chart and Tooltips

Hi, I am trying to draw a line chart with x axis in hours:minutes. For some of these values a mark should be placed. Something like "*" or any shape. I think this is about tooltips, is that right? I am using a CategoryDataset, creating the chart with the ChartFactory. I am also setting a tooltip generator for the CategoryPlot. However, ...