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1. Hide labels on jfreechart/PiePlot3D piechart

I'm trying to get the jfreechart PieChart3D to hide labels. I can't find anything in the documentation. Anyone know how to do this?

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2. Problem with Piechart Labels.

Me too. I was able to somehow imrpove it by setting a greater inner gap of the PiePlot and use a smaller font for the labels, but it doesn't fix it. I understand that automatic layout is not trivial, but I notice that labels prefer to place themself on the left and right even though there is enough space at top ...

3. Empty label of PieChart

4. Turn off labels for pie chart.

7. Supressing labels on a pie chart

Hi folks, I'm using 1.0.0 rc1, and wish to suppress the labels that appear on my pie charts, as the information is somewhat redundant, appearing as it does in the legend. I am yet to find a method for this. Is it just a case of supplying a null string to the label generator? Thanks, Adrian

9. Customizing pie slice labels

I'm using a pie chart with a DefaultPieDataset as my data and I'd like to just show the "name" parameter on the labels of the pie slices and *not* show the "value" part of the this possible in a *simple* way or will I have to do a lot of customizing by creating my own classes? Thanks!

10. pie chart labels cut off and fuzzy labels

I am using JFreeChart to create a pie chart, and some of the labels of the pie chart cut off. Also, the lettering on the labels is fuzzy. The chart that I created is 340 x 175. There are 9 slices of the pie in the upper left third of the pie, and all the labels are stacked one above the ...

11. Pie and Labels

There isn't. JFreeChart used to draw labels that way, but it resulted in a lot of complaints about overlapping labels, which is why the new mechanism was implemented. If I get some time, I'll take another look at the PiePlot class and see if the old behaviour could be added back as a non-default option.

12. Pie Chart Label Backgrounds

13. Changing the location of pie chart labels?

Is it possible to change the pie chart labels to be more "spaced out"? I'm trying to use a simple pie chart to render some data, but it bunches up all the labels: I'm hoping there's some way to make the chart look like this: (copy and paste the URLs, seems I can't post them as a new user) ...

14. pie chart label inside pie pieces

15. Pie Chart - Labels

16. AttributedString Pie Labels generateAttributedSectionLabel

Hi, I am creating my own Custom Label Generator as in PieChart Demo 8. My problem is that I cannot get the AttributedString Label being produced. I have tried to find examples of it actually working. I checked the Forums and searched for examples within JFreeCharts. Does / Has anybody used multiple font styled labels on the a Pie Chart Label ...

17. Pie Chart Label Clipping

18. Pie Chart Labels are Clipped

19. Pie chart labels cropped off

Hi all, I've found that sometimes my pie chart's labels are getting cropped off. That is, the label for a particular section of the pie chart maybe be positioned near the top of the chart and is covered by the title of the chart. Is there any work around for this? Thanks, Alan.

20. labels covers each other in a pie chart

i have a pie that present cpu's , now the labels that describe the type of the cpu in the pie chart are not displayed correctly because the labels are covering each other so i cann't read what is written on the labels. i try to enlage the height of the page but it doesn't helping me a lot. please help... ...

21. Pie chart label generator

Hello everyone, I wanted to point out a problem (Which should be relatively easy to fix): While using AbstractPieItemLabelGenerator, I'm using datasets which are "filled" with null values in order to be consistent cross-charts (Its problematic currently when displaying two bar charts next to one another on the same axis). When the dataset is displayed as a pie chart, null values ...

22. In pie chart some labels are disappearing below

Can you post a small sample that reproduces the problem? Make sure you are on the latest version (1.0.6) as there have been a few labelling problems fixed over time. But also bear in mind that when there are *too* many labels, some overlapping is inevitable (you can reduce the label font to fit more labels in).

23. PieChart label

24. PIE CHART label customization

25. Pie chart labels in 1.07 get cut off

I'm trying out 1.07 and have found that some of my pie chart labels are cut off at the edge of the chart. This can be seen in PieChartDemo5 in the 1.07 demo. This does not occur in the 1.06 demo. The labels are cut off in charts 2 and 4. This occurs more often in my 3D charts, but also ...

26. How to change Label of PieCharts ?

Hello I figured out how to make a PieChart label display something like this: Java (5%) Ruby(2%) Python(3%) similar to PieChartDemo2 in the JFreeChart demo. How can I add an arbitrary String to the label, for example: Java (5%) Of All Programmers How can I add "Of All Programmers" ? best wishes Claus

28. Pie Chart Label Problem

29. Add label to Pie Chart

30. Pie chart labels wrapping

Ever since I upgraded to the latest version of JFreeChart, the labels in my Pie chart wrap onto another line. For example, I want a label to look like this: 94.53% but it ends up looking like this: 94. 53% The thing is, there's plenty of white space at the edges of the graph image to accommodate the label without wrapping. ...

31. PieChart Label Distribution Post 1.0.6

PieChart Label Distribution Post 1.0.6 by svicheck Thu May 22, 2008 7:28 pm I realize there have been a number of changes/improvements to piechart label distribution since the 1.0.6 release, but I have been struggling to get 1.0.6 behavior in the post 1.0.6 releases. The following three images best illustrate the problem: 1.0.6 behavior 1.0.9 behavior 1.0.10 behavior (from SVN ...

32. customization of label in the pie chart and bar graph

hi david.gilbert i have generated a simple bar graph ( not category plot) . i simply want to display a label with some message below each bar.. the sample dataset used by me is dataset.addValue(8, 1, ""); dataset.addValue(4, 2, ""); dataset.addValue(9, 3, ""); dataset.addValue(5, 4, ""); dataset.addValue(3, 5, ""); now if i change my dataset to dataset.addValue(8, 1, "1"); dataset.addValue(4, 1, ...

34. Moving the Pie Chart Labels

Hi i'm trying to move the pie chart simple labels so that it will be further away from the center of the chart. This is to avoid the label obscuring the slice if the slice is too narrow. I've tried using the setLabelGap but am not quite sure what "the gap between the edge of the pie and the labels" means. ...

35. How to hide labels for Pie chart sections?

I have a Pie chart with many sections that is more readable if all of the info about each section is contained in the legend. I haven't found a way to completely hide the section labels and the lines from the text to each pie piece. I was able to set the text to blank using StandardPieSectionLabelGenerator, but I can't get ...

36. help needed in label for piechart

38. Pie 3D labels wrap too much

I am using 1.0.12 and creating 3D Pie charts with somewhat long labels. The boxes created are not very wide but 3 or 4 lines deep and there seems to be quite a bit of room on the left and right of the label boxes. Is there a way I can specify something so that the label will look like this: ...

39. Labels on Pie chart

40. change pie chart label placement

Is there a way pie chart labels can be placed around a pie chart so that the labels are alongside the sections they represent? Right now the labels are placed vertically on the left and right sides of the pie chart. But if a section is at the top of the chart, I want the label to be at the top ...

41. How to prevent pie chart labels from being cut off?

I've got some code that uses JFreeChart to generate pie charts, and some of them have the labels positioned poorly so that only the top half of the label is within the drawing area, and the text is truncated. Are there any simple ways in the API to help the label layout so this doesn't happen? Thanks.

42. Domain axes range and Pie Chart labels

Hi, I hope people dont mind me putting two separate questions in one post. I have two aesthetic problems that i cannot find the solution to. 1) I have a graph over time. The chart displays several subplots each with an hours data. The charts axes is automatically set to 63, I would like it to finish exactly at 60. Could ...

43. placing labels around the pie

Hey there, I have a little piechart with 10 - 20 Values. Unfortunately, sometimes one piece of the pie takes round about 75% of the whole pie. This results in having lots of labels on one side. Since there's too little space to print all the labels, some of them will be truncated. I was wondering, if (and how) it is ...

44. Labels for PieCharts

45. How to hide label on pie chart