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For now, all you can do is: (1) Change the start angle for the pie plot (setStartAngle()) to try to get the labels more evenly distributed on both sides of the plot; (2) Eliminate some of the smaller sections in the plot - see DatasetUtilities.createConsolidatedPieDataset()). At some point, I'll try to improve the labelling code to fit even more labels in. ...

5. Knowing that a drawn piechart has overlapping labels    jfree.org

Internally a pie JFreeChart, through the use of the private method PieLabelDistributor.isOverlap(), has a mechanism for determining whether there will be overlapping labels after creating a distribution for the labels, while drawing the pie-chart. This method is used in conjunction with other internal mechanisms that the pie-chart has in order to try and prevent overlapping labels, but it seems that when ...