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1. Remove labels from JFreeChart Pie Chart

public static JFreeChart createChart(String title, List <Result> results){

    DefaultPieDataset pieDataset = new DefaultPieDataset();

    Iterator<Result> itr = results.iterator();

    while (itr.hasNext()) {

2. removing the legend in a pie chart

this is probably something obvious that i am missing but i want to remove the legend in my pie chart. i've tried setting the anchorlegend to null and false but i quickly figured out that didn't work. i've been looking at the libraries and haven't been able to find anything to remove the legend. any suggestions? Nick

3. Remove Labels from Pie Chart

I am trying to figure out how to remove the labels from the pie chart and only show a legend. I have a case where I have a lot of small pie pieces, with one big pie piece and long label names. Results I am seeing is that labels are written over each other. I read about a bug having to ...

4. Removing the equals sign in pie chart label

I'm using cewolf with jfree charts. I want to remove the equals sign. I have a java file which enters all the values that are supposed to go into the DefaultPieDataset and a jsp file where I display the pie chart. Is there are a way to keep the key, value, and percentage all in the label and just not have ...

5. How do I remove labels from a pie chart?

I have created a pie chart with 2 values adding to 100%. I only want to print one of the labels. Right now it defaults to a label representing the % value for each slice of the pie. I only care to display the value of a single slice. Does anyone know how to add/remove pie slide labels? Thanks.

6. removing the legend for pieChart is way different

I've tried it with PieChart, but I can't make it work.. It gives me a nullpointerexception in 1)'s draw method on this line : "Rectangle2D seriesBounds = legend.getSeriesFont().getStringBounds(seriesName, frc);" 2) and's draw method on this line : "plot.draw(g2, drawArea);" The importent part is that I still want the names for each pie shown with the chart, but without the ...

7. How to remove 0%label but keep them in legend in pie chart?

Hi All, I have a problem with a pie chart, I have dataset like Apple, 100 Banana, 0 orange, 20 kiwi, 30 I want to draw a pie which shows the pecentage of each fruit, becasue the number of banana is 0, so I don't want to see a label in the pie chart with "0%", well I want "Banana" to ...

8. How to remove labels those having 0% in pie chart

Hello, How to remove labels those having 0% in pie chart? In my piechart i have to display 12 labels....... Its going down at bottom of image which get displayed on jsp..... Instead of all those 12 labels i want to remove those labels which r showing 0%..... Please anybody guide me.....

10. To remove Pie section outline