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1. Patch: Fix overlapping labels on the right of Pie charts    jfree.org

Code: Select all bash-3.00$ diff -c jfreechart-1.0.1/source/org/jfree/chart/plot/PiePlot.java.1. 0.1 jfreechart-1.0.1/source/org/jfree/chart/plot/PiePlot.java *** jfreechart-1.0.1/source/org/jfree/chart/plot/PiePlot.java.1.0.1 Fri Jan 27 15:50:00 2006 --- jfreechart-1.0.1/source/org/jfree/chart/plot/PiePlot.java Mon Feb 27 18:25 :39 2006 *************** *** 1908,1914 **** ...

2. PieChart: how to make legend to display on right side    jfree.org

As title says, I want to make legend showing on right side with each line representing each section which is very normal when you see catagory pie chart, not current bottom horizontal line. Is jfreechart capable of doing this? BTW, I have not tried to downgrade my Batik to create correct SVG file, I will try it. Thanks.

3. JFreeChart Piechart Legend Label Display ( Right to Left )    jfree.org

Hi Team, I am having a issue when displaying the data legend labels in arabic mode. I need to display the legend'd label starting from RIGHT to LEFT . Normally those are displyed in LEFT to RIFGT. Could u pls help me to display the legend label data from RIGHT to LEFT when it comes to Arabic mode? Thx, Gimhan

4. Place the legend at right side of pie chart    jfree.org

Hi, Can I place legend at right side of the pie chart instead of at the bottom of the chart and the legend should be inside of the plot area. Please tell me any one whether if this is possible or not? if possible, then how??? In this format I need: |----------------------------------| | Chart Legend | |----------------------------------|