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1. Decrease the size of Pie Chart.

Hi: I know the question of changing the size of the chart has been asked several times but after looking at the solutions, I am still unclear ( I am a newbie ). Can you explain: 1) Can you show me examples of a Layout Manager ( which determines the size of ChartPanel ). 2) The "panel" that I created in ...

2. Pie Chart size

Code: Select all /** * Set radius of a pie plot. * * @param chart JFreeChart. * @param radius Radius to set (between 0.0 and 1.0) */ public ...

3. change font size of label & color of pie

I'm fairly new to this whole chart thing. I would like to increase the font size of the labels on my pie chart and also change the color of the pie's dataset. I currently create the chart, create the PieDataset, then write the chart to a .jpg file to be placed in a PDF using iText Image. I have to reduce ...

5. Pie Chart With Fixed Legend Size

Hi, I'm drawing some pie charts to a PDF. Unfortunately, each one has its own legend size, which is quite ugly when the pies are stacked vertically (legends are on the right). I would like to get all pie charts with the same size, and leave the remaining (fixed) space for the legends. Any idea?

6. Change size of PieChart