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1. Getting value instead of name on pie chart in Java

package charts;

import org.jfree.chart.ChartFactory;
import org.jfree.chart.ChartFrame;
import org.jfree.chart.JFreeChart;

public class Pie {

    public void DrawChart() {
        DefaultPieDataset pieDataSet = new DefaultPieDataset();


2. How to display values with in piechart using Jfreechart(values in sector )

I am using Jfreechart to create pie charts. Values are displayed outside pie chart as labels. I want to display the values within the pie sectors only. How can i achieve ...

3. How to set customized labels for a Pie Chart Values?

A standard item label generator for plots that use data from a PieDataset. For the label format, use {0} where the pie section key should be inserted, {1} for the absolute section value and {2} for the percent amount of the pie section, e.g. "{0} = {1} ({2})" will display as apple = 120 (5%).

4. pie with values equals to zero

5. Display value in pie chart

6. Need tool tip for Legend on Pie chart - to show actual value

In the pie chart, when I fly over the pie pieces, I see a tool tip showing the value of that pie piece. Since some pie pieces are very small, I need to have the same behavior on the legend, so that when I mouse over a legend item, I can see the value of that item in the pie chart. ...

7. PieCharts sections with similar values are merging -- URGENT

Hi All, When I try to create a pie chart with a list of values containing some similar values, the sections with similar values are merged. For ex. if the values are 1,2,1,3,1 then I am getting only 3 sections: 1,2,3. I want to avoid merging. Please Help its urgent. Thanks in advance.

9. To set different Pie chart value and the legend value.

Hi, I am new to JFreeChart. I have generated a pie chart and Bar chart. I have some doubts on making some changes in pie chart . In the pie chart, when i set Eg:(pieDataset.setValue("Apple", 70.27)) I am getting the value "Apple" in the legend and in the pie chart. I have to set the value in the pie chart as ...

10. Pie Chart doesn't show numeric values next to category names

Pie Chart doesn't show numeric values next to category names by ajpapada Wed Oct 31, 2007 4:33 pm Hello, I'm using JFree Chart for a JSP web project on which I'm currently working. The page that displays the chart divides total spenditure across several sub categories of a specific fund. I originally used version .094 which did show numeric values ...

13. Pie chart double values

Hi, I need to display some double precision numbers in a pie chart. But all the double values are truncated and rounded e.g. 0.123 -> 0 and the pie section does not get displayed (i configured the plot using setIgnoreZeroValues(false)) 25.512 -> 26. Also in the hovering over section tooltip the value appears correctly although the percentage is also rounded e.g. ...