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1. JFreeChart: how to change XYPlot foreground color?

The JFreeChart XYPlot background color is changed using setBackgroundPaint() but there doesn't seem to be a corresponding setForegroundPaint().

XYPlot plot = (XYPlot) chart.getPlot();
How is the foreground color (the plot) changed?

3. How to change plot colors

4. Changing the color in a ScatterPlot does not work...

Hi everyone, I have a problem concerning the change of the color with adding an XYDataset to the Chart. Here's my code snippet: Code: Select all this.xyDataset = new XYSeriesCollection(series); this.xyDataset2 = new XYSeriesCollection(series2); plot.getXYPlot().setDataset(0,this.xyDataset); ...

5. CategoryPlot : custom colors.

Friends, I need a little bit of a guidance here, I was trying to plot a Categoryplot similar to AreaChartDemo1. However, I have to display the area chart with different colors other than the default ones. Could you please suggest me, how can I get around with this one. For XYTimeSeries charts it looks pretty straight forward. I have been searching ...

6. MeterPlot - Color

Instead of three fixed ranges, the MeterPlot now allows you to add an arbitrary number of "intervals" - see the addInterval() method. I did a little work on this class (and its documentation) last week, so the next release will include a couple of improvements (although the value labels could still do with some work).

8. set color for meterPlot interval

Hi, i know i must use meterPlot.addInterval(label, MeterInterval), but i have no idea how to use this. I would like to set the color of a critical and a low part. can anybody give an example please, how to create a custom interval? I dont know how MeterInterval should created. thanks a lot. Bonkers

9. Control color of dots in a ScatterPlot

Hi! Following problem: I'm getting data from a graphic tablet (Wacom Intuos 3). The x and y coordinates are getting displayed in a JFreeChart ScatterPlot, where you can see the figure, the user has painted on the tablet. I also want to make visible (color) the pressure for each dot, which i get from the graphic tablet. For this I overwrote ...

10. Different colors XYPlot CategoryPlot

Hello *, I'm using JFreeChart combined with IText. I generate pdf documents out of my application. One page contains 3 CategoryPlots and some additional graphic. Now my problem: The draw method of the JFreeChart object containing a CategoryPlot changes the "color model" somehow. If I draw a simple green line to an empty page, it looks like the If I ...

11. How to change line color and thickness in XYPlot?

Hi Jason, you set these and other attributes in the renderer. You assign a renderer to an XYPlot (or more precisely to a dataset of a plot) in the method XYPlot.setRenderer. Within the renderer, you can define the stroke, size and lots of other things by calling, e. g., AbstractRenderer.setSeriesStroke() and so forth where the index refers to the index of ...

13. XYPlot crossing lines - color changes ?

I am having a XYPLot via a ChartFactory.createXYLineChart with a dataset with 3 series. I when the lines crosses of series 0 (red) and series 1 (blue) the line color changes ? I tried to set the line color explictly after that via xyplot.getRenderer()setSeriesPaint(...) but that did not change the behavior. hmm howto attache an image in this post ? ... ...

14. XYPlot colors

Hi, I've created an XYPlot with 5 XYSeries for the dataset. I need to set a specific color to every one, I use DeviationRenderer renderer = new DeviationRenderer(true, false); renderer.setSeriesFillPaint(0,; renderer.setSeriesFillPaint(1, new Color(255,170,140)); renderer.setSeriesFillPaint(2, new Color(255,170,140)); renderer.setSeriesFillPaint(3,; renderer.setSeriesFillPaint(4, new Color(255,100,100)); but the doesn't work, the color into graph are wrong.

15. Suggesting my tools for evenly spread colors in PiePlot

Suggesting my tools for evenly spread colors in PiePlot by Curt Thu Jan 29, 2009 12:20 pm Hi everyone, being rather new to JFreeChart maybe I've overseen this feature in the source code but it's something that I felt was really nice to have. My tool class enables you to calculate the colors for the sections of a PiePlot very ...

16. CombinedDomainXYPlot - Set colors

Hi, I have created datasets using TimeSeriesCollections. Create XYPlot for each dataset and combine the plots using the CombinedDomainXYPlot class. The TimeSeriesCollections can contain multiple TimeSeries. These time series items may be the same item type in each dataset. I need to have the same color for that item in each dataset graph. I haven't been able to get that working. ...

18. Combined plots: how to control color and legend items?

In a combined xy plot, I want to add 2 graphs. The legend in each graph is the same. LIne color is the same. For example: Graph (plot) 1 might have series called "wins" for player 1 Graph (plot) 2 will have a series called "wins" for player 2 In the combined graph, the two plots are labels Player 1 and ...

19. Changing selected plot colour

I have an interactive chart that enables me to click a point on the chart and use the mouse arrows to move the point. The finishing touch would be to have the point change to a different colour so I can see it is selected. Anyone have any sample code on the easiest way to do this ? Thanks

21. plot.setSectionPaint ignoring the colour

Code: Select all public static class PieRenderer { public PieRenderer() {} public PiePlot setColor(PiePlot plot, PieDataset dataset) { for (int i = 0; i < dataset.itemCount; i++) { String valore = dataset.getKey(i) ...

22. URGENT: changing the color and size of dots in scatter plot

Hi, I am using FastScatterPlot to generate a scatter plot. By default the dots are displayed in red. How do I change it to some other color? Also the dots are hardly visible right now. Is there a way to increase the width/thickness of the dot rendering? I have tried many approaches, but to no avail. I will appreciate any help ...

23. Color polarplot sectors

Color polarplot sectors by joeP Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:03 pm I am trying to create a filled series over each region of a polar plot. But the colors are not filled out right. Here is an image of what I get: ... olar-1.gif Here is the code I have to loop through a given section is as follows: ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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