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1. alternating colors on one dataset in XYPlot

Quite Simple actually. I needed to do a similar thing for my Histogram, so i extended the XYBarRenderer and implemented the method getItemPaint() as well as some modification methods. here is my example. All you have to do is swap the renderer when you create your chart XYPlot xyPlot = jfreechart.getXYPlot(); SelectionRenderer newRend = new SelectionRenderer(); xyPlot.setRenderer( newRend); Then set your ...

2. deleting a dataset from an XYPlot

XYDataset data = new DefaultContourDataset("", xdata, ydata, zdata); plot.setDataset(2 + cp, data); plot.setRenderer(2 + cp, renderer2);

3. Selectively choosing data from a Category Dataset to Plot

I have a rather large set of data collected from an oracle database in CSV format that I'd like to create various plots from. At first I thought it may be possible to import the data into Jfreechart using the CSV importer and then when plotting selectively choose which columns or rows I want to plot. Unfortunately, I can't find a ...

4. Ordering the plots in a dataset

Ordering the plots in a dataset by fssian Fri Sep 16, 2005 8:30 am Hi, plots in a dataset is supposed to be ordered in a chronological order. Following is a snapshot of what i get when i print a dataset from a timeseries dataset. ... Period : Fri Sep 16 11:46:21 GMT+05:30 2005 Value : 307398.0 Period : Fri ...

5. hide dataSets in XYPlot

6. Dataset value for the MeterPlot

I am trying to modify the MeterDemo. I was able to set the ticklabel visible to false. I was also able to set the units value equal to nothing. I was wondering if there is a method to set the dataset value so it does not display on the dial. I still want to display the value indicator just not the ...

7. XYPlot.datasets.size field doesn't update ?

Hi After creating a chart, I dynamically add new time series to it, and I want to use the data by looking at the dataset. It's ok when I add the first series. But when I add the second series it fails. Section of the offending code: - for (int row=0; row < total_rows; row++) { XYPlot plot = (XYPlot)chart.getChart().getPlot(); XYDataset ...

8. How does MeterPlot deal with dataset changes?

I know you can use dataset.setValue to the value... But in MeterPlot I'm not understanding how the plot gets redrawn when the dataset value changes. I'm trying to make a Meterplot that measures changing voltage. How to send the new voltage value to Meterplot and then redraw the plot so that the needle moves to the new reading? Allen

9. Bug or expected: Empty XYPlot reports having one dataset.

This is something that needs tidying up. At present, the method returns (I think) the number of slots available for datasets. That's used internally, but isn't really what people will expect the getDatasetCount() method to return. I think the most natural thing to return for getDatasetCount() is the number of non-null datasets. I'll try to fix it for 1.0.5.

10. Define Quadrant for Datasets in one plot?

Hi, is there a way to define the Quadrant where a dataset will be plotted ? To describe my problem. I'd like to create a fundametal chart which displays several datasets in one plot. The datasets are aligned that way, that they are plotted in previously defined areas. I tried to use different Number and ValueAxis for the datasets and set ...

11. Support for 3-D plots using the XYZ dataset

Greetings all, I am busy evaluating JFreeChart for use in a financial application. One of the requirements is to visualize multidimensional data in the form of a surface or heat map. I have seen that JFreeChart defines an XYZDataSet, however I have failed to find a chart that can visualize such data? Are 3-D surface plots work in progress, or are ...

12. Disabling display of dataset on a XYPlot

Hello, i am using a XYPlot with several datasets, and i would like to remove some of them (i.e make some of them not visible). I use this line of code to disable the display of a dataset : xyPlot.setDataset(idx,null). It works for all of them except for the first one (index zero) for which the drawing process goes banana. I ...

13. Plot a dataset as a distibution graph

Hi; I am new to JFreeChart so please bear with me . I have got a dataset of age and would like to plot it as some sort of a distribution graph in which the x line corresponds to the range of age (ie. 10-30, 30-40, 40-60). Dataset of Age: 20, 15, 42, 65, 54, 54, 80, 15, 10, 45, 30, ...

14. How to set Label for dataset plotted on CategoryPlot

Hi, I have created a dataset and set it in CategoryPlot. Dataset is plotted using LineAndShapeRenderer. How do I set a label (say "threshold") to this renderer. I have tried below code to set label but it simply shows a series of zeros as label on the plotted line: DecimalFormat decimalformat1 = new DecimalFormat("0"); renderer1.setItemLabelGenerator(new StandardCategoryItemLabelGenerator("{2}", decimalformat1)); renderer1.setPositiveItemLabelPosition(new ItemLabelPosition(ItemLabelAnchor.OUTSIDE3, TextAnchor.BASELINE_LEFT));

15. Dynamically added dataset to XYPlot question

Hi all, First I create a XYPlot with the data of a dataset rendered. I have both domain and range axis created. Layer, at a user action, I create a second dataset that I add to the same plot. It works fine, but for the second dataset I create another range axis that I add to the plot at a second ...

16. XYPlot not releasing resources when setting dataset to null

XYPlot not releasing resources when setting dataset to null by tomkieffer Wed Apr 09, 2008 3:58 pm I have a memory problem in my JFreeChart Application (a data viewer with variable data sources). I wrote a custom XYPlot that has an addDataset() and removeDataset() method, among others. removeDataset() sets the dataset in question to null. Now the app does two ...

17. Plotting intervals of a dataset

Hello, I have several time series signals that have been recorded before the start of my application. These signals should now be displayed in a combined domain plot. With the help of a slider the user should be able to select a slice in the time domain and and display that slice accordingly. For example I could have 30 seconds of ...

18. Plotting multiple datasets that don't have identical X value

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here (I've spent hours going through documentation, and nothing addresses this...) but when I have two datasets, like such, DefaultCategoryDataset dataSet=new DefaultCategoryDataset(); dataSet.addValue(0, "the", new Date(100000)); dataSet.addValue(1, "the", new Date(200000)); dataSet.addValue(2, "the", new Date(300000)); dataSet.addValue(3, "the", new Date(400000)); dataSet.addValue(4, "the", new Date(500000)); dataSet.addValue(1, "bbb", new Date(100000)); dataSet.addValue(2, "bbb", new Date(200000)); dataSet.addValue(4, "bbb", new Date(400000)); dataSet.addValue(5, ...

19. How plot 2 diff. datasets w/ diff. length in the same xyplot

Hi, I've two recorded datasets with different length (p.ex. one with 604 xyDataItems and the other with 540 xyDataItems). The y-Value is the geo altimeter. Now, I'll compare (visual) this two datasets along the same x-Axis for the xyPlot. If I map a first the 604 dataset and second the 540 dataset. Then I get an exception inside the xyToolTipGenerator after ...

20. ScatterPlot with big dataset

Hi, I have to draw a graph similar to the following: For example, like in the graph on the left, I have information about 200.000 dots with x,y coordinates, and I need that a dot is represented with a different color, according to the number of dots in a specific position, so that a very populated position is darker that the ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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