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2. Can we control pies' distribution for MultiplePiePlot

Hi all, I am working on MultiplePie's displaying, and each pie will be very small while the number of pies is large, now I want to set the chart to produce each pie with a fixed width and height and a fixed number for each row, can anybody help me? Appreciated for your any suggestion. John Lan

3. MultiplePiePlot

Hello everyone, I encountered a feature I'd like to have in MultiplePiePlot, and was wondering if it is something other people wanted to have, and if so, try and get it into the project: Currently multiple pie plot works according to a "main" plot of a specific pie chart, and according to that plot determines the plot for the rest of ...

5. setLegendItemShape with MultiplePiePlot

Here you find a part of my code. My problem is that the setLegendItemShape() method does not work. It always paints circles. I also have another question similar to this one: how can I add a black outline around eacht legend item shape? JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createMultiplePieChart( "", // chart title dataset, // dataset TableOrder.BY_ROW, true, // include legend true, false ...