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1. PDF does NOT display plot.setBackgroundImageAlpha(0.1f)

Hi. I have been unable to get the plot background alpha channel to have ANY impact on the resulting PDF chart image (using iText). plot.setBackgroundImageAlpha(0.1f); This setting works fine for Swing output, but has zero affect on a PDF. I have traced through my code and verified that all settings are correct before sending the chart to a Graphics2D object, using: ...

3. Normal probability plots

Hi everybody I would like to create a normal probability plot. This is a plot which is almost like the cumulative distribution function, but with another y-axis scale. Such a plot is used to test if a probability distribution is normal distributed. a sample grid of such a plot can be found at The y-axis points can be computed by ...

4. Meter Plot ---Jfreechart 1.0.10

Hi, I used meter plot to create dial chart and while positoning the needle(in red) i saw a black color background ...i need to remove this black&white background near red needle .....any help is appreciated. im using jfreechart 1.0.10 jar ....image is in the below url (as i cant add the url and image posting the link without http:// ,pls add ...

6. Can you identify this type of plot? And does JFree have it?

Hi Folks, I'll try to describe the plot... it's an hour-of-day distribution. The hours of day are displayed in a large circle. Each number is connected to the center of the circle by a line. Sort of looks like a star burst effect. Then the frequency of whatever you are plotting is marked on each hour line. Then each hourly point ...

7. If you want to graphically edit XY plots

If you want to graphically edit XY plots by patgrdj Wed Nov 26, 2008 6:38 pm Hi, After some hours looking for some code to graphically edit XY plots, I decided to get hands dirty. Here is the solution I found (be aware that there is no guarantee of bug-free, or whatever). If you see any possible enhancements, or a ...

8. set plot -> DatasetCount() to 0

Hi, is it possible to set the plot- DatasetCount() to 0, because I remove all lines from the chart with the methode at the bottom but the plot.getDatasetCount()- amount remains at the amount before, Is there any possibility to do this? Thanks a lot, All the best, Code: Select all public void removeAllLines() { ...

9. create plot like this:?

10. Bringing a plot to its original state

Hello All, I used a custom piece of code to change the domain and range axis of a plot to implement custom zooming and panning. Now, when i try to reset the domain and range axes to their initial values, I am unable to do that. Is there any library function which does this? Do let me know.

11. How to make a real time scrolling plot?

This is a related to my previous post "How to make JFreeChart support real-time charting?". Real time XY plot is the fundamental plot for every real time related plots. Scrolling real time plot can be implemented as a fixed auto range plot with adjustable range. I have modified jfreechart-1.0.12 by adding real time plotting capability and created examples for both realtime ...

13. new/custom plot (I think)

I'm trying to figure out how to take a single set of data, and make a plot/chart with a number of plots on it, and a custom legend. Something like, well, exactly like this: I've yet to find any examples of how to create a new type of plot/chart, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I hope to make a ...

14. Applet takes too long to display chart that plots 70,000 pts

It seems I need to re-submit the query on a new thread...if my last post was not relevant to the topic in that thread. I have an applet that plots a line chart for 70,000 points. I have tried initializing the ChartPanel in init() as well as the constructor, yet the applet takes a long time to load. The jsp pluggin ...

15. 3D Surface Plot

16. Error unsatisfiedLinkError when create a plot on Mac OS X

I get an UnsatisfiedLinkError when trying to create a plot on Mac OS X 10.5.6 with Java 6. Any suggestions what I could do to fix this? Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: apple.laf.CoreUIControl.initNativeCoreUI()I at apple.laf.CoreUIControl.initNativeCoreUI(Native Method) at apple.laf.CoreUIControl.initCoreUI( at apple.laf.CUIAquaLookAndFeel.initialize( at javax.swing.UIManager.setLookAndFeel( at javax.swing.UIManager.setLookAndFeel( at javax.swing.UIManager.initializeDefaultLAF( at javax.swing.UIManager.initialize( at javax.swing.UIManager.maybeInitialize( at javax.swing.UIManager.getDefaults( at javax.swing.UIManager.getColor( at org.jfree.chart.JFreeChart.( at org.jfree.chart.ChartFactory.createHistogram( ...

17. Marge plot in single chart

18. how to plot activity matrix

Hi I am trying to plot series of activities in a bargraph . The activity is discontinuous. Let say, i have act1, act 2 , act 3 in a day for a catagory on the y axis and i have 24 hours of the day 0,1,2,3 ... 24 in the x axis. my data set has the followin information cat1 act1 ...

19. combination of different charts in one plot

Hello! I tried to create a plot simillar to that in the screenshot below. I am using a XYBlockrenderer to render the heat map, whereby my heat map is symmetric. Now I want to add rows which represent nominal values and are color coded (first four rows). At least I want to add bars which represent normalized numeric values (last row). ...

21. plots squeezs into one and not visible at all after 20 plots

dataSeries0 = new XYSeries(PLOT_DATA_SERIES_0_NAME,true); dataCollection0.addSeries(dataSeries0); XYToolTipGenerator toolTip = new StandardXYToolTipGenerator(); renderer = new StandardXYItemRenderer( PLOT_STYLE ); renderer.setBaseToolTipGenerator( toolTip ); plot0 = new XYPlot(dataCollection0, xAxis, yAxis0, renderer); ...

22. Interactive selection of plot data

Hi, First of all congratulation for the work done on JFC, I just discovered it and the possibilities seems really impressive. I have a little question though: I would like to draw a simple plot, each point representing a given object having 2D coordinates and several properties. I would like to be able to get the set of objects that the ...

23. Plotting A Smooth curve

i have a very limited time to complete my project and this is the only thing that is not working in my program. i am so confused at the moment. I get values from a table and use them to plot my graph. Below is so far the code that i have writen check it out and tel me where this ...

25. Paintscale for Vector Plots

Is it possible to add a color/paint scale for vector plots? I would like to make the vectors different colors based on their magnitudes. For my render block charts i use renderer.setPaintScale(lsp); Where lsp is a LookupPaintScale. Right now I have all the vectors set to blue using renderer.setSeriesPaint(0, blue); This doesn't seem to work for lookupPaintScale Any help with this ...

26. real time plotting

real time plotting by azedor Sat Sep 19, 2009 8:35 pm I'm writting genetic algorithm and want to visualize it in real time. Generally speaking i want plot min, max and average value of fitness function. 3 curves in one plot area. I'm completely new with JFreeChart so code below isn't perfect, but this is how plotting looks like now. ...

27. The "Plotting Real Time Data" problem

The "Plotting Real Time Data" problem by tgmendes Mon Oct 05, 2009 1:24 am Hello all, First of all, I am not one of those "I don't wanna search the forum, just give me code" type of people. Second, I do know how to program (not a pro, but I can work my way around). So now, back to the ...

28. Subtitle on Combined Plots

Hi, I am successfully adding several plots to a CombinedRangeXYPlot or CombinedDomainXYPlot. The plots I am adding contain somewhat similar data. One of there reasons for putting the plots into a combined chart is to make it easier to make comparisons on the data. I really need to be able to show subtitles on the individual plots to make it easier ...

30. XYAreaChartDemo Plots Overlapping Problem

Dear all, I have been trying to solve one issue which I have faced with in different plot types. Lower values are overlapped by higher values in multi-series chart(s). Example: When you change as "plot.setForegroundAlpha(1.0f);" in, you can easily observe that drawing areas hide each other. Is there any workaround for this issue? Thank you in advance. Regards,

31. Titles for each plot of a combined chart

Hi, how can I give each plot of an combined chart an own title? I'll have to stack a few category plots vertically and I want to give each of them an own title instead of a common title for all. Until now I haven't found out how to do it. Thanks, Dieter

33. Multiple needles in meter plot

34. parallel dimensions plots

Hello, I am interested in developing a visualization for a multi-dimensional search space resulting from a genetic algorithm search. One approach we'd like to use is the 'parallel dimension plot'. In this plot, each dimension is represented as a vertical line. These lines are arranged in a row. The value of a search result in that dimension is represented as a ...

35. BoxAndWhisker plots: Categorical versus XY

So, I am just starting to make use of BoxAndWhiskerPlots - a very useful format. I seem to have got the Categorical version working pretty much as I would expect, but was surprised to find that the DefaultBoxAndWhiskerXYDataset really does not seem to mirror DefaultBoxAndWhiskerCategoricalDataset at all. The former is constructed with a seriesKey and then you add BoxAndWhiskerItem objects to ...

36. JFreeChart to plot (string, int)

Dear All I am currently trying to draw a line using XYSeries. The Y-axis values should be the patient's temperature and the X-axis should be a string retrieved from the database including the day and time this temperature occured. I tried using TimeSeries but it would only plot either the time or the day on the X-axis but not both. what ...

37. create Jfree scattet plot using applet in web application

applet embedded in jsp page tried to read xml file in the same foder where jsp and applet class is stored. Got File cannot be Accessed.. Applet initilaze msg is shown in task bar but blank screen displayed applet embedded in jsp page tried to read from mysql database . Got Access permission denied. Here Defalut chart with out any points ...

38. Save Plots without displaying

39. scale for dial plot not showing

scale for dial plot not showing by webcoder Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:20 pm I set up a simple program to display a dial chart/plot. The chart is displaying. However, the scale on the chart is not showing at all. Attached is my code. I'm using the latest jfreechart jar files (jfreechart-1.0.13.jar and jcommon-1.0.16.jar). Any help would be appreciated. Code: ...

41. displaying a message if no data available to plot

Hi , I want to display a message in my jfree chart if there is no data available to plot I have tried to use the following but i am still getting no message displayed DateAxis domain = new DateAxis(timeAxisNameProperty.getValue()); XYPlot plot = new XYPlot(dataSet, domain, range, renderer); plot.setNoDataMessage("No data available"); plot.setNoDataMessageFont(new Font("SansSerif",Font.BOLD,14)); plot.setNoDataMessagePaint(Color.WHITE); plot.setBackgroundPaint(backgoundPaintColorProperty.getValue()); plot.setDomainGridlinePaint(domainGridLinePaintColorProperty.getValue());

42. How to plot waterfall chart

It seems that there are differing definitions of what a waterfall display is. In my context of frequency spectrum analysis, I would like to display a 3-dimensional dataset like it is done in the Bubble Chart Demo. I have time on the x-axis, frequency on the y-axis, and amplitude on the z-axis. Spectrum analysers normally visualise the z-axis with varying color ...

43. 0.9.10: replacement for Plot.setSecondaryDataset() ?

/** * Adds or changes a secondary dataset for the plot. * * @param index the dataset index. * @param dataset the dataset. */ public void ...

45. does support the type of xyline only?

I study the cewolf from cewolf.war a few days before.And i modify the sample JSP like this: <%@taglib uri='/WEB-INF/cewolf.tld' prefix='cewolf' %> cewolf

Cewolf test page write by princeX

46. Change plot item size in JFreeChart

Hey people, i would like to change the size of a datapoint in my scatter plot created using JFreeChart.for example, i create a scatter plot with: JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createScatterPlot(....); XYPlot plot = chart.getXYPlot(); and would like then to change the size of the data points of a dataseries in the XYPlot. does anyone can give me a clue? thanks a ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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