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I'd like to create a polar plot where the data is plotted in mathematical orientation (thus, the series starts and the east and continues counter-clockwise). The default behavior of JFreeChart's PolarPlot ...

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I'm new to JFreeChart and I'm looking to get some advice since I don't know the achitecture very well. Here are my needs: I would like to create a satellite sky plot similar to PolarPlot I would like to show the items in the plots as little satellites I would like to show the trajectories of the satellites as lines I ...

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Hi, i am using the PolarPlot to draw St-Segment deviations (medical, ECG related) from the baseline and would need to introduce custom label names and some additional angle lines. I could not find a reason, why there should not be a setter method for the private list of angleLines. I hope this can be included in a future update. Many regards, ...