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1. JFreechart - how to implement a categoryplot with xybubblerenderer

how to implement a category plot with xybubblerenderer in JFreechart? I want to have a category plot which shows several bubbles for each category. These bubbles are placed on the y axis of ...

2. CategoryPlot中如何调

3. CategoryPlot.setDomainAxes() problem

Hello, I set several domain axes in a CategoryPlot with setDomainAxes() at once. I would expect, that this call remove every previously added domain axis, but it does not. If the plot had three domain axes and I would give a CategoryAxis array with two elements to setDomainAxes() the old third domain axis is still present. Is this a bug? Or ...

4. CategoryPlot

5. CategoryTextAnnotaion for CategoryPlot

Annotations are placed at fixed points on the chart. There's nothing to stop you querying your dataset to determine the position, but once placed the annotation won't move if the dataset is modified. Perhaps you need to use item labels rather than annotations. These are drawn by the renderer, and automatically get placed relative to the data value.

6. CategoryPlot getDatasetCount()

8. Superclass for XYPlot and CategoryPlot

Hi, is there a reason, why there's no superclass for XYPlot and CategoryPlot? When comparing both classes, I find many similarities. Creating the superclass will not only improve the JFreeChart library code, but also provide a common interface for both the plots, that can be used by the clients. At least I could save a lot of code, with such a ...

9. How to resize the CategoryPlot or plotArea

JFreeChart always tries to draw charts in the space allocated to it, as best it can. It won't try to compute some "optimum size" and resize the chart accordingly. The most troublesome case is where a chart has a lot of you can get overlapping. The only workarounds are to (a) make your own estimate for the required chart width ...

10. Issue extending CategoryPlot in jfreechart with JasperReport

I have extended CategoryPlot and CategoryAxis classes in org.jfree.chart.plot in order to skip some gridlines and labels respectively when there are too many labels to display on the chart. This solution works fine with a demo chart run by calling methods directly from the jfreechart API, however when the same code is added to the customizer class of a chart in ...

11. Add NormalDistribution function to Categoryplot

I have a Bar chart which represents Frequency distribution of the Daily Changes and it uses a CategoryPlot. I want to add the normal distribution function to this plot. CategoryPlot only accepts CategoryDataset to be added to it and NormalDistribution has XYDataset. Could you please tell me what is the best way to do this. Thanks

12. CategoryPlot IntervalMarker

Hi, Can anybody post a code snippet for adding an IntervalMarker for a CategoryPlot to the domain just like the one for the Difference Chart Demo 2 All I found in the forums where examples for the range. I was able to add an Interval marker for the range but I don't know how to add one for the domain. Thanks ...

13. CLICK in a categoryplot

Hello, I have a LineChart. When I click in a point in chart I'd like to get its category. I've achieved my aim in a XYPlot with the following code: Code: Select all public void chartProgress(ChartProgressEvent event) { if (event.getType() != ChartProgressEvent.DRAWING_FINISHED) { ...

15. CategoryPlot: how to show a lot amount of data?

JFreeChart is a great library that has a lot of charts available. But there is some lack of functionality I have expected when downloaded the library. I have a lot of unsorted discrete values I want to put under X axis. I suppose that the only plot I can use in this case is CategoryPlot. But let's assume that a data ...

16. Converting pointerlocation to values in a categoryplot

Is there some way of converting the pointerlocation on the chart to corresponding values in a category-plot? I'm using Year as the category value. I would like to know the year I'm clicking on in the chart. I have done this on XY-Plots, but Im not sure if this is possible in a category-plot? One more thing, would there be much ...

17. Question about CategoryPlot

18. CategoryPlot.setDomainGridlinePaint()

I would like to show both horizontal and vertical gridlines on my category plot. I am calling the following: CategoryPlot plot = chart.getCategoryPlot(); plot.setBackgroundPaint(Color.WHITE); plot.setDomainGridlinePaint(Color.LIGHT_GRAY); plot.setRangeGridlinePaint(Color.LIGHT_GRAY); and only see horizontal grid lines; no vertical lines. I notice the documentation for CategoryPlot.setDomainGridlinePaint() says "Sets the paint used to draw the grid-lines (if any) ..." Does this mean, that veritcal grid lines are ...

20. CategoryPlot.clearRangeMarkers() does not seem to work.

I tried this with JFreeChart 1.0.11 and it works for me. I don't have time to fish out an earlier version of JFreeChart to check, but I would look carefully at your code and make sure you are calling clearRangeMarkers() on the right plot. It is possible, though, that there was a bug in JFreeChart back then - but I don't ...

21. CategoryPlot with threshold and outliers

LineAndShapeRenderer renderer0 = new LineAndShapeRenderer(); renderer0.setBaseLinesVisible(true); renderer0.setBaseShapesVisible(false); renderer0.setBaseSeriesVisibleInLegend(false); renderer0.setBaseToolTipGenerator(this); renderer0.setSeriesPaint(0,new Color(0,255,0,60)); renderer0.setSeriesPaint(1,new Color(0,255,0,60)); plot.setRenderer(0,renderer0); plot.setDataset(0,getThreshold()); LineAndShapeRenderer renderer1 = new LineAndShapeRenderer(); renderer1.setBaseLinesVisible(false); renderer1.setBaseSeriesVisibleInLegend(false); renderer1.setBaseToolTipGenerator(this); renderer1.setSeriesPaint(0,Color.BLUE); renderer1.setSeriesShape(0,CustomShape.getSquare()); plot.setRenderer(1,renderer1); plot.setDataset(1,getBaseline()); LineAndShapeRenderer renderer2 = new LineAndShapeRenderer(); renderer2.setBaseLinesVisible(false); renderer2.setBaseSeriesVisibleInLegend(false); renderer2.setBaseToolTipGenerator(this); for(int i=0;i<15;i++) { renderer2.setSeriesPaint(i,Color.GREEN); renderer2.setSeriesShape(i,CustomShape.getDiamond()); } plot.setRenderer(2,renderer2); plot.setDataset(2,getData());

22. CategoryPlot width

JFreeChart doesn't work this way. It just draws the chart at the size it is asked to do (this size is determined externally - sometimes by the LayoutManager that controls the size of the ChartPanel containing the chart, sometimes by the caller of the createBufferedImage() or saveChartAsPNG() methods, sometimes by other code).

24. CategoryPlot -- single domain value

Hello, I have a category plot which sometimes only has a single domain value. When this happens, the domain axis label appears as "..." instead of "1" I'm guessing that this is because the single value results in a "very thin" data area which is too narrow to display the label. Is there someway to set a minimum width in a ...

25. HELP: setBackgroundPaint with CategoryPlot object

For some reason when I do: XYPlot plot1 = new XYPlot(data1, null, rangeAxis, renderer1); plot1.setBackgroundPaint(; it plots a chart with a blue background, HOWEVER CategoryPlot subplot1 = new CategoryPlot(dataset1, null, rangeAxis1, renderer1); subplot1.setBackgroundPaint(; It creates a plot with the standard grey color How can I make the second code plot a chart with a blue background Thanks in advance

26. CategoryPlot: Skip zero values?

28. CategoryPlot and XYPlot in same chart

Hi, I would like to produce a chart with mulitple axis. The first y-axis shows the value range for a bar graph (a CategoryModel). The secondary y-axis must show the values for a XY graph, showing the average of the categories in the graph. I can produce the 2. Y-axis, but I can not figure out how to plot values agaist ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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