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1. How to change the size of a dot in a scatter plot

XYPlot plot = chart.getXYPlot(); XYDotRenderer dotRenderer = new XYDotRenderer(); dotRenderer.setDotWidth(5); dotRenderer.setDotHeight(5); plot.setRenderer(dotRenderer);

2. What chart to use to create a correlation dot plot

Hello all, I have a question about how to display the data that I have. Basically, what I need to do is create a dot plot. 1 - create x and y axis of gene names 2 - plot the correlation between the genes (from a gene expression vector - but that's really unimportant). What is important is that I could ...

4. Scatter plot - Image instead of a dot, is it possible?

Hi Folks, Is it possible to display an image/icon instead of the standard dot (at X,Y ) that's used in scatter plot charts? For example, if the chart is for displaying water content in some thing, then I want to display a droplet instead of a round dot. Is it possible with JFreechart (except by adding XYImageAnnotation). Thanks a lot.